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Born - January 4th, 1998

Adopted - March 22nd, 1998

Story surrounding adoption - We saw an ad for him in a local newspaper. For seventy-five bucks cash, we got the fattest puppy there. Not long after bringing him home, he taught us what being owned by a beagle was all about - dealing with nonstop stubbornness and cuteness!

Nicknames - Spenpuhsers, Spens, Spensie, Penny, Pen, Mutt, Pumpkin, Puppy, Pup, Puppers, Beagle, Old Man, Bubba, Bub, Delicious/Licious, Penny Licious, Beagly Weagly Woo, Lovey, Lippy, Baby

Breed - 100% beagle

Eyes - Brown

Sex - Male

Likes - Eating, sniffing, chasing bunnies & ignoring bunnies, being stubborn, ripping up his plastic toy bear, getting massages, crinkling up his nose when he plays, chasing his little kitty brothers, eating cat litter, looking at his mama & daddy with loving eyes, barking at his little kitty sisters, escorting his beagle sister outside, getting amorous with one of his kitty brothers, being a dishwasher, listening to his mama's singing, sitting on the front porch, tearing the stuffing out of plush toys, eating meatballs from Wawa, going for walks, ripping scrunchies out of his mama's hair, being called bad, being chased, getting lots of attention, ripping up any & all paper products, sleeping under the bed, sleeping on his oversized brown pillow & all dog beds, barking & woofing, wrestling with his daddy, eating pizza, napping, receiving company unless they're little kids, roaming around his backyard, getting his belly rubbed, being around women over men, getting massages, playing with interactive treat dispensing toys, snuggling, woofing at the neighbor's dogs, barking for food, faking sneezes, eating cat treats & cat food, eating blueberry & bison treats, enjoying rides in the car that he used to hate when he was little, and playing, playing, playing

Journeyed to Furbaby Heaven - July 26th, 2014

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