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Born - January 13th, 2000

Adopted - April 6th, 2000

Story surrounding adoption - We saw an ad for him online on petfinder. After reading his sad story (all his sister siblings were adopted, he was left behind, and he had stopped eating due to sadness), we filled out an online application and picked him up at the local shelter less than a week later. He was super skinny but definitely had a confident and cocky little attitude right from the start!

Nicknames - Pacey Wallbanger, Pace, Pacers, Pacey Man, Baby

Breed - Domestic shorthair

Eyes - Green

Sex - Male

Likes - Climbing, watching water, jumping, playing with his beagle brother's dog food, wrestling with his older kitty brother & his little kitty sister, squawking at his beagle brother, investigating his beagle sister, sleeping on mama's neck as a kitten, eating & stealing people food (especially desserts), licking pasta sauce, eating grated cheese, looking at his mama with loving eyes, playing with catnip & catnip toys, whacking the tails of all his brothers, napping, spooning with mama, laying in the sun, jumping into the empty bathtub, running to the basement, sleeping with mama, telling mama when it's time for bed, stopping mama from talking to daddy at bedtime, doing his humpy dance, getting belly rubs, getting head & ear & cheek rubs, being rubbed from top of head to tip of tail in one solid motion, extending a single paw forward, covering his eyes with a paw while snoozing, drooling while sleeping, being smart, following his mama around the house, investigating mama's freshly pedicured toes, sitting in the windowsills, listening to his mama's singing, sitting on the screened-in porch, gripping edges of tables, listening to mama's goodnight speech & putting my head down once she says goodnight, lounging in his catball, laying in cardboard boxes, laying in his Christmas cat bed, laying on the dvr, burrowing under covers, chaperoning mama in the bathroom, attacking his other kitty sister, playing with his hair band, purring softly, looking at himself in the bathroom mirror, chatting & squeaking & talking, and playing, playing, playing

Journeyed to Furbaby Heaven - September 7th, 2016

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