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Born - March 30th, 2016

Adopted - June 26th, 2016

Story surrounding adoption - I had always wanted a Maine Coon for years and years. I wasn't excited over the prospect of buying a cat when there are so many who need homes, but I had previously saved six others (from shelters or from living on the streets), so I felt like it would be okay just this one time. He's amazingly fluffy and has the softest eyes - so I'd say it was worth it!

Nicknames - Ollie, Ols, Floofinz, Floofy, Floof, Floofy Butt, Fluffy Butt, Fluffy, Fluff, Fluffinz, Sir Fluffs A Lot, The White One, Stinky, Tinky, Baby

Breed - Maine Coon

Eyes - Gold

Sex - Male

Likes - Climbing, jumping, jumping up walls, crossing his paws, sitting in front of air vents & space heaters, sleeping in front of the fireplace, sniffing things out like a beagle, chasing his older kitty sister, chasing & wrestling with his older kitty brother, napping, drinking from the faucet, sleeping in pedestal sinks, getting head & ear & chin & cheek rubs, staring at birds & squirrels in the window feeders, playing with catnip & catnip toys, licking silvervine, cleaning up after his kitty siblings in the litterbox, staring upside down into mama's & daddy's eyes, looking at his mama & daddy with loving eyes, running up & down the hallway at top speed, showing off his belly, splashing water, playing in water, ripping up any & all paper products, listening to his mama's singing, being stingy with his affection, running away when mama & daddy try to pet him, kneading & purring on his terms, purring loudly, jumping up & sleeping on the memory boxes, laying in the hammock, laying in the grey pet bed, laying like a contortionist, grooming himself, laying in cardboard boxes, sleeping in the cat tower, laying in the sun, crinkling his nose when he eats, playing with interactive toys, playing with looney loops, using & napping on cat scratchers, getting massages, buffing his pads on mama's circle rug, buffing his pads on the ottoman, eating eggs, eating white cheddar popcorn, eating his bedtime treats in the hallway, sliding across the floors, playing with tiny felt balls, listening to the outside sounds on the security cameras, giving lovins, waking mama up for lovins, insisting on eating bites of mama's food, making biscuits, laying right up against mama at nap time & bedtime, stealing & then chewing on hair bands, running under the bed, chaperoning mama in the bathroom, shimmying up his cat tower, taking medicine like a baby bird, showing deference to his older kitty brother, giving his new kitty brother a hard time, laying on & tearing up catnip-scented paper bags, making big boy jumps to the sunroom coffee table to eat, making baby noises, grooming mama's & daddy's kisses off of him, and playing, playing, playing

Journeyed to Furbaby Heaven - May 26th, 2020

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