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Adopted - November 21st, 2019

Age at time of adoption - 4 years, 9 months

Story surrounding adoption - A neighbor's cat is missing. Maxwell was walking right past our kitchen door when I spotted him. He talked to me and let me bring him inside. I thought it was her cat, but it turns out the microchips did not match. I finally got in touch with his actual owner who had no interest in getting him back. In fact, when I told her I found her cat, she asked me which one I had. She said he wouldn't stay inside, and she moved away two years ago! So we renamed him Maxwell, and now he is a happy guy enjoying the perks of indoor life with us!

Nicknames - Max, Maxie, Maxwells, Maxie-Max, Baby

Breed - Domestic shorthair

Eyes - Gold

Sex - Male

Likes - Using his scratching post, watching birds, running around the house, rolling around in litterboxes that are clean & clean-ish, playing with his younger kitty brother, smacking at his older kitty brother, sleeping on the furniture, diving under furniture, being antisocial, sleeping upside down, drooling while sleeping, getting head & ear & cheek rubs, sassing back when told no, belly rubs sometimes, walking around with a strut like he's on a runway, licking arms, and playing, playing, playing

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