our cute little furbabies Spenser Kip Pacey Becca Lulu Basia Eva Samuel Oliver Maxwell

Born - February 10th, 1999

Adopted - April 22nd, 1999

Story surrounding adoption - We saw an ad for him in a local newspaper and brought him home in a Pampers box. He spent the first few weeks under the living room chair (Spenser chased him there) and then grew into the most confident and sweetest cat ever!

Nicknames - Kippy, Kippy Doodles, Kippy Doods, Kippunz, Doods, Dooooooods, Doodles, Fat Boy, Fattie, Baby, Big Boy, Chunky, Chunky Monkey, Sexy Doods, Jingle Doods

Breed - Domestic shorthair

Eyes - Green

Sex - Male

Likes - Playing with catnip & catnip toys, climbing, jumping, chasing da bird & other wand toys, laying on his mama, running to the basement, playing with & eating his beagle brother's dog food, sitting under the computer monitor, wrestling with & chasing his siblings, shoveling his kitty litter onto the floor, following his mama around the house, whacking his big brother's tail & biting his rear end, purring loudly, running inside any open closet or cabinet, getting head & ear & chin & cheek rubs, eating celery, eating jello, eating yogurt, laying in cardboard boxes, finishing off his mama's ice cream, eating freeze-dried treats, napping, sitting on the screened-in porch, sitting in the windowsills, ignoring his beagle sister, laying in the sun, sunning his belly, getting kisses on the forehead & giving head butts, listening to his mama's singing, bringing blue fuzzy plush balls to his mama, coming to his mama & daddy when they called for his siblings, kneading on his mama's back, glaring at his fellow black kitty brother, looking at his mama with loving eyes, making buzzsawing sounds while eating his kitty food, showing off his belly, chaperoning mama in the bathroom, eating fuzzies off the floor, eating flowers, sharing cereal milk with his beagle brother, and playing, playing, playing

Journeyed to Furbaby Heaven - August 16th, 2012

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