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Adopted - April 27th, 2005

Age at time of adoption - 11 months

Story surrounding adoption - Eva showed up in our front yard but initially ran away - right over the neighbor's fence. After some coaxing with food and water, she came back over. Then we scooped her up! She's the craziest tomboy in the whole wide world!

Nicknames - Eva Diva, Eba, Eba Deeba, MDP, Miss Dirty Paws, Ebee, Ebees, Eve Beast, E-beast, Beast, Beastie, Evie, B, BeeBee

Breed - Domestic shorthair

Eyes - Greenish-Yellow

Sex - Female

Likes - Napping, sitting on the screened-in porch, looking at her mama & daddy with loving eyes, cleaning up after her kitty siblings in the litterbox, getting head & ear & chin & cheek rubs, making duck noises, purring loudly, drinking from the faucet, listening to her mama's singing, giving love bites, playing with catnip & catnip toys, laying in her cat trapeze, laying in the sun, announcing her presence, climbing, jumping, chirping at wildlife, playing rough, being where the action is, doing bunny kicks, chasing wand toys, getting up close to the tv, laying in cardboard boxes, being playful with her older kitty sister, being the star of mama's product reviews, greeting mama & daddy whenever they come home, laying in hammocks, laying on daddy, liking all of her siblings, playing with hair bands, putting hair bands in food dishes, tearing apart seagrass furniture, walking on the tub ledge during mama's showers, giving slow blinks, and getting massages

Died - Journeyed to furbaby heaven on March 29th, 2014