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Adopted - July 3rd, 2000

Age at time of adoption - Between 9 and 11 years

Story surrounding adoption - She was found on the side of the road weighing only fifteen pounds and was brought to an animal shelter by a police officer. On the day she was set to undergo euthanasia, she was taken into the home of a foster mommy. She stayed there for awhile until we found her online. She used to not be able to move off of the couch out of fear and was obviously abused. She made such great strides here with us. She changed from a scared little dog into a happy and loving baby beagle girl!

Nicknames - Beck, Becky, Becca Girl, Princess Becca, Rebecca, Becks, Baby

Breed - 100% beagle

Eyes - Brown

Sex - Female

Likes - Eating, sniffing, being stubborn, being given treats, being told she is good, looking at her mama & daddy with loving eyes, napping, listening to her mama's singing, going for walks, chewing rawhide treats (especially vanilla sticks) & dentabones, eating pizza, eating french fries, growling at her beagle brother, making her beagle brother escort her outside, ignoring her kitty brothers, laying in bed, laying on the couch, collapsing on furniture, getting lots of attention, and being rubbed (especially on the chest)

Journeyed to Furbaby Heaven - April 1st, 2002

Click here to read the amazing email sent to us by Dory, Becca's foster mommy.

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