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Adopted - March 20th, 2004

Age at time of adoption - 7 years

Story surrounding adoption - We were her fourth home in about six months and got her from a friend who took her in but was unable to keep her. She took her good ol' time warming up to us and her new siblings, but then she turned into a sassy little thing!

Nicknames - Bazh, Bazh-ee, Bazh-ee Girl, Booj Wooj, Booj, Boojie, Girlie, Girlfriend, Squeaks, Little Lady, Baby

Breed - Domestic shorthair

Eyes - Green

Sex - Female

Likes - Napping, laying in the sun, climbing, jumping, getting head & ear & chin & cheek rubs, looking at her daddy with loving eyes, playing with catnip & catnip toys, listening to her mama's singing, sitting on the screened-in porch, purring loudly, eating flowers, being left alone, preferring wet food over dry kibble, sitting on the yoga mat & leading mama into the closet for kibble, running to the basement, laying in cardboard boxes, squeaking, sleeping in her round bed, laying in the cat crib, sleeping under the credenza, chasing her tail, being with daddy, nuzzling against daddy's face, sleeping in daddy's armpit, playing uncoordinatedly, drinking from the faucet, and drinking from fountains

Journeyed to Furbaby Heaven - April 10th, 2016

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