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Mark & I got back from Lake George last Friday, his dad picked up his mom, and everything went back to normal.

I spent the entire weekend catching up on tv (dvr and OnDemand). I felt like a crazy person because I hate having shit to do hanging over my head. Usually I enjoy tv, but I felt (stupidly) overwhelmed – and I had to catch up by Monday because that’s when all the shows start over again. Oh, and plus I felt like I had to get the trip’s photo album up too in a timely manner. This is why I made such a great employee at the synagogue – I hated having things in my inbox that needed my attention, so I got everything done & off my plate as soon as possible. What sucks now is that when I have things to do, albeit minor things because of my back pain (like making a couple of calls), but am unable to do them, I feel like such a failure.

The pain the past three days has been unreal (yesterday & today are worse than Monday). Maybe it has something to do with the rainy weather, but I don’t know. My next appointment with my pain management doctor isn’t for three weeks. Since I’m seeing a new doctor at the practice, I’m really, really interested in seeing what he has to say, in general & about the surgery.

Speaking of doctors, today I made vet appointments for the girls for the end of October. The girls get their checkups in the fall & the boys go in the spring. I think they’re going to say that Lulu needs to get a tooth pulled. Last year both Kip & Pacey had dental work done and that ended up costing a zillion dollars.

Today I hate Mark. He had a work outing where they all went on the Spirit of Philadelphia boat thing, which is something he & I did for one of our anniversaries years ago. Apparently afterward he and some coworkers decided to go to Dave & Buster’s to play pool. I didn’t get a call or anything all day. Given how I was feeling yesterday – and he didn’t even know I still felt like trash today too – it would have been nice to have him come home to help me out after the work obligation was over. Ugh.

I did my walking & physical therapy exercises Monday, completely skipped yesterday because I was hurting so much, and I don’t think I can manage it today either. Thank goodness I only had one day like this when we were away or the whole trip would have been ruined. Right now I feel miserable.

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