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Mark left Friday night to go back home to Pittsburgh to pick up his mom since she’s kindly petsitting for us. He got to hang out with his family, ride a bike trail he’s been talking endlessly about, and go to a Pirates game with an old friend. Not too shabby, I suspect.

What did I do to pass the time? The usual – resting, tv watching, walking, using ice & heat. So much excitement.

Saturday the cleaner forgot she was coming over, and lucky for me I caught her just as she was about to step out for the rest of the day. She ended up being here from 5-9pm, and she’s quite the talker, unfortunately. I see a lot of how I used to be in her; she’s very judgmental.

Mark & his mom got back here yesterday, and I obviously worried about how social I needed to be. They got groceries & dinner and then played Wii bowling. Today Mark is out getting Spenser groomed before he takes her to Atlantic City for a few hours, she’s watching tv in the living room, and I’m upstairs on the heating pad. Yesterday & today haven’t been great with regards to pain, but I did have two good days earlier in the week – and I’m hoping I’ll have some more of those starting tomorrow when we leave for Lake George. I really, really hope I can do some things. With all my back stuff (back brace, cane, TENS unit, seating cushions, body pillow, heat wraps, heating pad) & pain pills, I’m hoping it won’t be a total bust. The weather isn’t going to be as cool as I had hoped, either (see Tuesday-Friday below). I wanted to go in October to guarantee cool temps, but this really was all Mark’s call.

So I placed that Old Navy order the other day because I thought that there was no way sweaters would go on sale this close to winter. Well, fuck me, because today I got an email about a Sweater Sale. The one I spent $49.50 on three days ago is now $20.00. Son of a bitch. Mark was already irritated with me (and rightfully so) for buying more shit when I never go anywhere, and now this. Sigh. I wish one of the customer service reps had said, “Listen, you spend a lot of dough here, so I wanted to give you a heads-up that you should wait a few days before buying these.” Wishful thinking.

Tonight we pack and set up the dvr for the week. Have you watched the new show Sextuplets Take New York (I think that’s the name of it). I love them so much and hope they don’t head down the Gosselin path.

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  • 1969Sus

    I'd call Old Navy and ask for a credit. Talbots will credit if something goes on sale within 30 days of the order.

  • Worth a shot! Thanks!

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