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March 19, 2019 | Comments Off

Sam started walking a bit stiffly. He hissed twice and actually growled at me, which is something I don’t think he’s ever even done! So his back pain had flared up. I was so worried about him that it felt like I couldn’t breathe. He’s back to wearing the Assisi Loop three times a day and is back on prednisolone for a short time. He’s already moving around better and looks better too. I’m glad this was able to help him. Will he still be feeling as great once the pred gets out of his system? If not, what then? It could trigger his past diabetes if he ended up needing it for a chunk of time.

Lulu isn’t eating as much as I’d like. I’m beyond glad that there’s an upcoming cardiologist appointment for both her and Oliver. I hope she ends up just maybe needing a slight medication tweak.

Oliver’s lip isn’t swollen any longer, and his eyes are a lot less leaky. Could it be because of the introduction to Thuja? I don’t know. We will keep following its schedule, and hopefully things will stay status quo. I thought the vet told us not to touch it because we’d get sick ourselves if we did. Turns out, we’d compromise the integrity of the medication because these homeopathic things aren’t to be physically handled. I guess I’m a giant dummy.

The Flickr uploader that I use for my photos sucks and has sucked for a couple of years now. If I make a new photo album and try to upload to it, not all the photos get sent up. For instance, the last one had 33 pictures, and only 26 went up. So I had to sort through to figure out what went up and what didn’t. It also creates an entire other album called “auto upload” with all the photos in it, though some are private and some are public. And, no, I can’t seem to figure out how to just rename that album either because that would certainly make things a hell of a lot easier.

So I got to thinking about what I would do now if I didn’t have chronic back pain. I used to want to be a foster-only parent for ages 0-3 (no interest in adoption). Now I’d love to be a wildlife rehabber. I follow some rehabbers on Facebook, and it looks so tough, rewarding, and fantastic.

Remember that primary care doctor’s office that insisted I didn’t have an appointment when I knew I did? They were basically saying that they couldn’t cancel something that just didn’t exist. Well, they just sent me a bill for the missed appointment. Of course, right? I’ve tried calling the number on the bill four times on Monday and two times on Tuesday, and I’ve left two messages.

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