becoming a deer whisperer

March 18, 2019 | Comments Off

We have a new set of deer visitors that are regularly stopping by. I haven’t seen mama and her two in awhile, and I hope they’re okay. That being said, these five are very cute! We spread out stuff they can eat on that massive tree stump, and it’s just like a little table for them!

Here are three pictures and a video from last night that were taken through the window:

cute deer invasion, photo 3
cute deer invasion, photo 1
cute deer invasion, photo 2

Mark made some comment about how I’ll never get close to them. I, of course, took this as a goddamned dare. Thus, this was me outside on the porch tonight, trying to get them used to me. I’m a successful raccoon whisperer, so maybe I can be a deer whisperer too? Also, forgive my voice. That’s what I sound like when I talk to my cats – and apparently all other animals as well.

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