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March 10, 2019 | Comments Off

Ever since I decided to embrace my curls, I had to stop blowing them dry and flat ironing them to death. To that end, I’ve used a few products from the devacurl line over the years, and they are just the best products for curly hair ever. And I’ve settled on two that I now simply cannot live without!

1. NO-COMB DETANGLING SPRAY – This is life changing. See, I am in desperate need of a haircut. I have been pulling my hair up as usual, and I get tons of knots at this longer length now when it’s up. This stuff is just fantastic. I spray it in, and all those pesky knots loosen right up.

2. WAVE MAKER – I’ve settled on this product, out of all of them, for my curls. Even though my deva stylist has said this is the wrong one to use for my curls, I loooove what it does for them. They have different products for different curl types, but I feel mine respond best to this one.

This is not an ad, nor is it a product review. These links, for right now, aren’t even affiliate links. I’m just sharing them because I’m a good fucking Samaritan. You’re welcome.

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