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March 8, 2019 | Comments Off

Finding time to spend together in the evenings is proving to be difficult for us. On Sunday nights, Mark wants to be by himself to unwind and prepare for the work week ahead. Sunday and Monday are my slow tv nights, so that sort of sucks. He approaches me Tuesday thru Friday evenings, but they are my busy tv nights. We used to have a lot of shows in common that we watched together, but I guess our tastes have shifted over the years. We still have a few shows that overlap; he takes forever to watch stuff, though, so I tend to get to things before he does. We do regularly spend Saturday nights together, so that’s usually a movie night.

I’m on the fourth day of dealing with crazy foot pain. The first two days were horrible. If I stood in one place, my feet didn’t hurt. When I walked, though, it was almost totally unbearable. Day three saw my feet hurting less the more I walked on them, so I considered that progress. And today I am only experiencing a tiny amount of pain on one foot. I hope it doesn’t come back because we have so many upcoming doctor-type things for us and the cats that there’s no room for more madness like this.

Speaking of doctor stuff, I had an appointment with a new primary care doctor, but I had to reschedule due to Mark. He has a much better memory than I do (hello drugs!), and he can answer dates of this or that better than I can. Thus, he’s good to have around at these things. I haven’t been to a regular doctor in a few years, and I decided to just go to the same local one that Mark has been going to. Anyway, I went online to see that while I could not cancel the first appointment, I could make a new one. So I did that and then left a voicemail with their office so I could cancel the old one and verify the new one. A receptionist called me back and simply wouldn’t accept the fact that I had a prior appointment. She wasn’t seeing that in her system. She saw the new one, but said a bunch of things that intimated that she didn’t believe I even had one to cancel. For instance, she said she would put the medical history forms in the mail to me. I said I already had them. She skated right over that when she asked me, “So you printed them out?” My head was exploding because she was basically insisting that I got them off of their website. I gave up trying to tell her – yet again – that the forms had been sent to me. I mean, wtf. And then the pièce de résistance occurred. While she insisted I had no other appointment to cancel, I still got an automated confirmation call for said appointment the very next day. Ugh.

The bulk of my time lately has been spent updating the “pet list” that goes to the person getting our cats if something were to happen to us. And reading and rereading it. And reading and rereading it. And reading and rereading it. It contains favorite toys, past medical history, medications, likes, nicknames, food preferences, and so on – and it has to be perfect, obviously. I am waiting until our next vet visit to finalize it, even though it doesn’t stay finalized for long, that’s for sure. Things are constantly changing with them. But it’s okay for now, and a copy will be sent to the lawyer and pet sitter, as well as printed out and put in a binder. It’s in a safe place here that all required parties know the location of. Lulu and Oliver have a cardiologist appointment coming up in a few weeks, and I really hope I don’t need to update the list again. This is more for their sake than mine, of course. I want their health to stay the same (or improve!). So yeah.

As for Oliver, his bottom lip is swollen again. He is taking immune support tablets which I thought were helping. There were no flare-ups after we started that medication – until now. Sigh. There’s one more medication to try before we talk to a naturopath, and it’s called thuja. The vet has to show us how to administer it from the bottle. See, she said we weren’t to touch the tablets, and Mark and I just cannot see how to get one out without us actually physically handling it. There’s supposedly something in the cap that prevents that problem from occurring, and we are just too dumb to figure it out. Anyway, I hope this fixes this issue for him. Fingers crossed. As for the pets, I think it’s adorable when Mark says to the babies, “Look at you!” whenever they do something cute or just look exceptionally cute. He said it again the other day, and I thought it was just the sweetest!

So I saw a recent movie was out with Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder, and I guess I got a little nostalgic for my youth because I thought it’d be fun to watch these guys who were in a bunch of shit I saw years and years ago. By the way, the movie was horrible and filled with nonstop navel-gazing. I don’t know. I guess I wanted to take a quick trip back in time maybe. I can’t really explain it well, and Mark didn’t understand the whole thing. And, sort of speaking of, I’m so bummed out about Luke Perry’s death. I remember going to an ex-friend’s house every week to watch Beverly Hills 90210. I messaged her about it, and she said we had pizza weekly too when we would get together for the show. Ha. Mark and I pulled up an old episode of svu from when he was on to watch in his honor.

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