four minutes

March 3, 2019 | Comments Off

Yesterday Mark came home with a toy from Petsmart. It lasted four minutes until it was destroyed by Oliver. In the end, we had to pry a piece of the toy from his mouth, and I was pretty alarmed by that. Mark said he wasn’t worried that Oliver was going to swallow it or choke on it (of course), but I sure was freaked out that he would. The video cuts off right when we get to discussing his swollen bottom lip (I’m guessing the immune support tablets didn’t make it clear up the first time after all) and what it looks like. I fully expected him to say that it reminded him of Mick Jagger, but he said it looks like he has dsl. If, for some reason, you don’t know what that means, look up dsl on Anyway, I was so horrified, yet we both ended up laughing. So unfortunately (or fortunately?), I stopped recording right before this conversation took place. I picked it back up at the exact moment things went haywire with the toy. Please ignore my toenails. I am well aware I need to get a pedicure.

when things were fun and calm:

when things got crazy:

And, yes, Oliver is just fine. Whew. But poor Lulu didn’t even get a chance to see the toy!

Moral of the story? Always supervise when your pets play.

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