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November 6, 2018 | Comments Off

I know I talk a lot of shit about Mark, so sometimes I should say nice things to balance it out, right? I think it’s funny and cute when he sings our babies a song I sing or calls them by a nickname I use. Sunday night he sent me a text that he couldn’t bring me something right then because Fluffinz was cuddling with him, and that’s one of my nicknames for Oliver. Also, last night he was drying Lulu’s feet after her bath and called them her feetsies as I do.

Yes, we gave Lulu a little bath. She was pretty greasy from my lotion overuse. I am constantly putting it on my hands, so it can’t help but get all over her. In the past few days, Mark’s full service pet salon has been open for business. He’s done nails, shampoos, brushing, and blow-drying! He can be quite a good daddy.

And he’s also worried that he will run over Nabi, the neighbor kitty. She has twice now darted out right in front of his car as he’s been pulling in the driveway. He drives at a snail’s pace, but still. We’ve tried cautioning her about her daredevil acts, but we aren’t getting through to her. We’re not really sure what to do.

And, speaking of kitties, Oliver was sleeping so sweetly on Eva’s favorite bed that it warmed my heart like crazy. It’s the yellow one with the woodland creatures all over it. It’s like she’s helping him heal. Of course, my morbid, twisted brain can’t just focus on a positive. I end up thinking about how I failed her on her last day with us. I do that with all of my pets, but I do it with her the most, for obvious reasons. Instead of remembering only the good things, I think about what I should have done differently.

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