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November 3, 2018 | Comments Off

Mark saw a urology oncologist on Wednesday. His kidney tumor is most likely a low-grade, localized renal cell carcinoma. They have very low metastatic potential when they are under three centimeters, which his is. The doctor said it could be monitored for a bit with regular scans to see if it changes. He also said it could be removed right away, even though it currently isn’t imperative to do so. That always seemed like the best bet to us to begin with. Mark asked him what he’d do if it were him, and he said that he would take it out. His general advice is that younger patients should treat it aggressively. So, yeah, his surgery should be curative, unless something pops up during surgery itself or after surgery with regards to the results.

Oliver had a vet visit. They took his staples out, and he had his first physical therapy (one of three) session. They had difficulty getting one of the staples out, and Oliver even growled a little bit as they worked on removing it. My poor boy! They fussed over how gorgeous he is, so I’m sure that helped the situation some. They also said he’s doing well and looks good. So his healing is right on track, and that was a relief to hear. They gave us a few more physical therapy exercises to do with him here at home. I’m both excited and nervous; I’m happy that he’s ready to do more activities, but I’m worried that he will be in pain or uncomfortable afterwards. After that session in their office, he seems to be kind of sluggish and not all that interested in walking around much. I mean, it’s only been a little over a day, but still. It’s hard to see him not feeling well. Thankfully he has plenty of pain medication for all of this!

Here’s a video of Oliver getting laser therapy at his appointment:

They also said they couldn’t believe how cooperative he was being during his treatments. Yay! That’s my sweet baby!

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