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October 29, 2018 | Comments Off

We’ve certainly had our fair share of major life events happening around here recently, but a bunch of other little stuff has gone on too.

Let’s see.

My right pinky toe has been beyond painful for the past four or five weeks now. I am convinced it is/was broken. I couldn’t put any pressure on it at all for a bit. Last week it only was painful in the mornings, and now it’s hardly bothering me at all. I was all set to go to the doctor when it started improving. I sure hope it stays that way because now is not the time to have to deal with something else for me. I also caught a cold off of Mark. At least I didn’t catch the cancer. At least not yet.

The tenant at our last house has fucking finally gotten all caught up with the back rent and current rent. It’s a miracle! I hope this bitch stays on track.

Sam was having another allergy issue like he did about this time last year. Zyrtec didn’t help, so we tried him on some prednisolone. That really was what worked, but he’s now off of it entirely. I have noticed just a couple spells since he tapered off of it, but they haven’t been as intense, thankfully. The vet wants us to try Yucca Intensive, so I’ll get some online when I order Lulu more azodyl for her tiny kidneys.

I’m not sure I ever mentioned Oliver has times where herpes comes out to play, and it affects his poor little eyes. It was lying dormant for his first year and was triggered last year by his anemia. We have tried so many different things in many different strengths, but nothing is knocking it out for good. Sometimes they’re leaky, sometimes they’re crusty, and sometimes it looks like he has two black eyes! It now comes and goes, just in varying degrees of intensity. He definitely doesn’t like when I say that mama is going to get his eye boogies. Also, he gets his stitches out this week and has his first physical therapy session with the vet then too (he has three sessions outside of the house with them, along with the daily exercises he does around here)! We’ve been giving him regular “field trips” around the house; he carefully walks around and makes sure it all looks the same as it did before his accident. He’s sort of wobbly, of course, and I find it incredibly cute to watch his naked legs walking around.

I’ve mentioned before that Mark wants to eventually get another beagle. We recently had a local hoarding story hit the news, and it pulled at both of our heartstrings, for sure. He donated, but I know he would like to adopt like fifteen of them. In a perfect world, I would too.

Nabi, the neighbor kitty, lost her collar again. That one had a solid run, and we can’t help but wonder where all her missing collars end up. Anyway, we saw it was gone, and Mark went right out the same night to get a new one for her (well, the same exact one). He put it on her the next afternoon by himself; last time it was a group effort. So whew! She’s also getting very, very fat. He is trying to play with her some to get her moving around more, but she isn’t interested in wand toys and such. I mean, why would she be when she chases the real deal on a regular basis?

I have a cute Lulu story! When Lulu, Sam, and I nap together in the afternoon (not happening all that much right now because I currently sleep in the sunroom with Ollie), she likes to give Sam a hard time. She knows she can be brazen without fear of retribution because I’m by her side; he won’t be mean to her if I’m right there. She just gives him cranky meows and smacks at him, and I know she’s only getting back at him for all the times he chases and tackles her when I’m not around. I get it, girl. Anyway, this time she just walked up to him to smack him, and I told her she was being a bad little girl because he wasn’t bothering her. It’s our routine. Now, I also have been trying to get her to kiss me. Sam will occasionally put his lips to mine if I make a kissy face, while Lulu has smacked at and bit at my lips. Anyway, after this particular incident, she walks up to me and kisses my lips! She knew just what to do so I wouldn’t be “mad” at her anymore. Hahaha. What a cute, smart girl!

Anyway, I’ve been trying to set up a link to my amazon associates program because I’m so sure you’re all dying to see what fucking eye cream and shit I use and recommend. But my desire to finish it up has waned considerably. I also have some additional stat stuff I’d like to get up and running, but I honestly just don’t know when that’ll all get done either. Motivation can be a real bitch.

So, yes, my house is a mess, and it’s fucking up my anxiety. We had to empty out the sunroom, so I have big pieces of furniture now all over my house. I have a cat tower and two pieces of furniture in my kitchen. Other pieces are in the living room. Also, there are two spots that need touch-up paint, but that is unfortunately going to wait until we put the house back together. Not to mention we have one broken shelf, and now all the memory boxes are sitting on our dining room table. It’s super annoying and frustrating. I think we have another three months where things need to stay like this, and that’s a huge omg for me. I am a big believer in that every little thing belongs somewhere, and I am so super anti-clutter. Even when I was younger, my friends would move stuff (jewelry boxes, hairbrush, etc…) slightly around in my bedroom to fuck with me, and I always instantly saw the move and had to immediately slide it back into its spot. And I was really looking forward to decorating the house with all my Christmas stuff, not just a tree. It’s been a few years since I decked the halls, and I was excited that this year we’d put everything out! But that’s not going to happen now, is it? Even if Oliver is mostly healed so I can put things back, I’m not sure decorating is the way to go. He has never seen all the holiday madness, and I don’t want him trying to investigate things when he should be resting. We did just buy matching family pajamas for all of us, and I think the cats will look super cute in their candy cane jammies! So there’s that.

As for Mark, he broke even with his Steelers season tickets, so I guess that’s something. He made an appointment for this week with a urologist who specializes in tumor removal. His ultrasound report states, “1.2 cm solid enhancing left renal lesion which most likely represent renal cell carcinoma,” but he has a really long, solid life line (I did a little foray into palm reading when I was younger). He’s freaking out a bit, of course. Today he told people at work because he has his fingers in tons of various projects. Is that the right analogy? Anyway, I think his mom is going to come here for a few days to help after surgery. This sucks in one sense because the house is messy and I don’t like people, but I will appreciate the help with him and the cats, for sure. And, if shit does hit the fan, I think I’d probably move to a condo back in New Jersey to be closer to my pain management doctor and to my friend who can help me out a bit. But I don’t know if that’s best for me in the long run. Doctors leave. Friends move. I just don’t know. That being said, I’d really miss my raccoons.

Speaking of raccoons, the one who prefers for me to drop food directly into his wide open mouth stopped by the other night. He never uses his teeth (I don’t even see them!) and I think he’s the sweetest little guy in the world. Also, sometimes the timing is such that I will look out the kitchen door to see that there is no food left, just as one or two are passing by to see if we have any. I’ll open the door, tell them to wait a second, and hold up my pointer finger to signify that. And they actually wait! They’re such sweet, smart creatures, and I hate that so many people are misinformed (and, thus, scared) about them!

Okay, now I think I’m basically all caught up with the randomness. I’m going to forget the details of our anniversary trip (thanks, drugs!) if I don’t write about it soon…

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