the cancer text

October 19, 2018 | Comments Off

It’s been a crazy fucking time.

Well, Oliver broke both of his hips due to a predisposed condition. He is slowly getting better, thankfully. So that’s a huge post that’s forthcoming. I also have a random update to do, not to mention the one about our anniversary trip!

But this post is about the text I got today from Mark:

the cancer text

Remember when he recently had viral meningitis? Well, they saw something off with his kidneys, and they wanted him to get an ultrasound, which he did on Wednesday. Now they want him to go back and get another one taken, this time with contrast. The doctor said it looks like it could be cancer. Mark tried to make that appointment, but the system kicked his doctor out as he was entering in his request. Even after waiting and re-entering the information, it still didn’t show up where it needed to. He was told to call back on Monday to schedule. So, yeah, he’s pretty scared, and I’m indulging in my medical marijuana a lot.

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