uno más sueño

September 9, 2018 | Comments Off

And I just remembered another recurring dream I have, but I think it’s pretty easy to decipher its meaning. In these dreams, I could be at this house or one of our past houses, at a nameless person’s house, at my parents’ house, or at a mall (!!!) – but I am always with my pets, passed or current. No matter the location, I am always trying to gather all the pets together when it’s time to leave to put them back into their respective carriers. It’s entirely chaotic and nerve-wracking, and I’m worried, stressed, freaked out, and scared. In my awake hours, I often do obsess over the possibility of them accidentally getting outside. I have issues with the screen doors we have (sticking and lock placement next to handle), and I don’t like that Mark doesn’t look behind him each time he goes out a door, among other related things. I also panic about how we’d get them all out of the house in time if there were an emergency, and I play various scenarios over and over in my mind. So, yeah, I think I understand why I keep having these dreams. It’s just my insanity leaking into my subconscious some more.

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