So, yeah, everything is just fine. Oliver had his checkup, and he didn’t need a second surgery after all, thankfully. They took all the stitches out, put him on yet another antibiotic for a week, and told us to wipe the healing area with tucks medicated pads. He didn’t get acupuncture this time around because he was very pissed after he got the stitches removed and blood drawn. His anemia issues are still headed in the right direction, and now he’s taking 1/2 tablet of prednisolone every other day. Sam needs to get his gums cut back again, so we scheduled that. No matter what we do here daily with the duralactin and organic coconut oil, we just cannot get his gingivitis under control. The good thing is that it doesn’t seem to bother him any, so that makes me a little less worried. And Lulu is doing well. Her thyroid that was semi-sketchy is now in the normal zone, and her kidney values that were elevated are now a little less elevated. Everything is pretty positive with all of my babies!

As for me, I did a little too much the past two days (making beds, scrubbing junk off of floors, and other general house stuff), and now I’m even having pain in my upper back which only ever occurs after I overextend myself like this.

It’s been sort of easy to keep up with all the tv I watch because a lot of things have ended until the fall. I started to binge the second season of 13 Reasons Why but found it really hard to get through. On some days I only watched two episodes, and I never had that issue with season one. I set a goal in mind to get it done by today so I could then binge Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, only for me to find out that it actually starts next week. Hahaha. Oh well. Now I’m going to see if I can get into Evil Genius because so many people have said it’s really good.

Tomorrow is my birthday! My parents wanted to take us out to dinner to celebrate it, but what kind of celebration is that for me to have to spend time with them? I enjoy my solitude in general, and I don’t want to be surrounded by my mom’s negativity and bullshit on any day, let alone my goddamned birthday. Hearing my mom’s voice (hell, just seeing their number pop up on my phone) raises my stress level which raises my pain level. I don’t even like picking up the phone when they call me to wish me a happy birthday, so this year I am just not going to. Happy birthday to me!

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