blast from the past, part two

August 27, 2012 | Comments Off

Mark had these old journal entries of mine (from a now-defunct website) stashed in his email and forwarded them to me earlier this morning.

So, let’s go back in time!

it’s time to sing becca’s praises.

i guess her birthday got me thinking about how badly off she was this time last year.

the past few weeks have been even more remarkable than all the past months combined.

she used to be afraid of all the cat toys that hang from the doorways and doorknobs and such. she used to be afraid of the phone cord that hangs down next to the water bowl in the kitchen. now she just barrels past them like they’re nothing.

she goes from room to room now like she is so comfortable. a year ago we had to carry her to any other room other than the living room. that was her only safe place.

yesterday she went sniffing around the laundry room and the bathroom after we took the kitty gate down. what a cutie!

also, when my parents were here saturday, she was outside with them and in the kitchen with them like she’s known them her whole life. there was no shaking…not even at the sight of my dad. she used to shake and shake when anyone walked into the house unless it was mark or i.

last night she was in the pile of toys and bones, and i heard her pawing at something. next thing i know, she walks into the bedroom with this peanut butter rawhide hanging out of her mouth.

she is laying by my feet right now…snoring away.

kippy is one lazy cat.

he spent five hours on the ottoman.

he has the life.

spenser was freaking out. he seemed afraid to jump off the bed.

i helped him down. he started stalking around the house like he was a combination of big tough guy and scared little boy.

it was dark and i didn’t see anything, so i went to the bathroom.

but then i heard spenser scratching at something, and my guard went up immediately.

i went to the rug that pacey was laying on. there was something on it that spenser was scratching at.

i am getting the gross chills just as i think about it.

it looked like a snake or huge worm or something. i didn’t have my glasses on. and i was upset that mark wasn’t here to take care of this.

i screamed at the pets in order to scatter them away from this. it was small and thin, but definitely coiled. i picked up the entire rug with whatever it was on it and tossed it outside over the fence.

of course, spenser was still sniffing the floor like crazy. i put on my glasses and turned on the light. there was blood in certain spots around the kitchen floor. spenser tried to roll in it until i yelled at him and told him to go to the bedroom. gross, gross, gross.

so i guess the cats found it and were either trying to play with it or kill it or something. i don’t know. i just don’t know how it got in this house or even definitely what it was. i should have paid more attention in science class.

could the cats have caught anything from this thing? they are acting fine, but how do i really know?

this morning when i went outside, i shook the rug, but that thing was nowhere to be found. i thought it was dead. i wanted it to be there so i could show my mom or mark when he gets home today.

date unknown
last night i was in bed early and becca was the cutest. she has been so hyper lately. i think she taps into our emotions as we pack. anyway, she brought five bones/chew toys into the bedroom one at a time. she would bring in one, get dissatisfied almost immediately, jump down, go to the pile of toys, and run back in the bedroom and onto the bed with another choice.

mark took spenser for a walk. he didn’t want to take becca because he wanted to go for a LONG walk and becca was already panting.

so i told him to bring her upstairs, and he carried her up like the little baby that she is.

i told him that we were going to watch oprahtogether. he called us his chubby chicks and his peggy bundys.

and i can’t get mad at him because he says it with such affection in his voice.

last night there was mini drama.

the beagles wanted out at about 3am. usually i take them out so mark can sleep since he works and, well, i don’t. for some reason he got up to take them. i wasn’t going to be the one to complain. besides, pacey was sleeping by my head and i LOVE listening to him purr.

then spenser started barking like a crazy dog. when beagles smell something, their bark is different. it takes on a whole new level…more like a piercing cry. mark couldn’t get him in the house.

he raced upstairs for his glasses and said that both dogs were chasing something in the yard. he saw something running for its life. we don’t have rabbits at this place and i did smell a skunk a few nights ago. i grabbed my pajama bottoms (i only sleep in a sports bra since i have sensitive ta-tas) and raced down there. if they got a hold of a skunk or whatever, we would be totally screwed.

becca wouldn’t even listen when we called her name. she ALWAYS comes running…always. not this time. she was off in one corner of the yard and spenser was in the other. i grabbed becca and carried her inside. mark had to yell at spenser a few times before he stopped.

we still don’t know what it was. their little paws were muddy and they both still smell like the outside…just like pine.

what must the neighbors think?

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