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July 26, 2012 | Comments Off

Kip saw his oncologist on Tuesday, and she said he looks good and looks the same. He basically just got a physical and some blood drawn. Next time he will get yet another ultrasound, and then we will find out if the experimental drug has done anything. Fingers crossed! They weighed him, and he’s continued to lose weight. He’s not emaciated or underweight, but it’s a bad trend, which we already knew. In fact, I’m so used to him being my fat cat that noticing the weight loss brings me to tears every single day. When I pet him or pick him up, I can feel that he’s not my chunky kitty anymore – and it’s so, so heartbreaking. That being said, he had a kickass day after his appointment! He looked and played just like his old self, plus he was obviously hyper. Mark and I were both like OMG about it because we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Usually he’s pretty good with clear eyes and all the normal stuff. He’s grooming, eating well, and not hiding. Those two bad days he had awhile ago have thankfully not been duplicated, but he does sleep a lot and is not always as active as he used to be. What cracks me up is that he takes my spot each time I move! He must love the heat my ass generates.

In other news, everything else has been thankfully uneventful. One huge thing is enough to handle. Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself. Anyway, I cancelled this week’s qigong session because I just wasn’t feeling up to it. It’s still on for next week. My back pain has been up and down. Tuesday I wanted to jump off the roof but right now it has wonderfully let up. Mark found a $400 paycheck on the street – signed and ready to be cashed – and took it back to the store that issued it. They were surprised he brought it back. Will that send some good karma our way? My mom seemed incredibly miffed when we talked about me watching the cleaner’s newborn. She said I need to pick one floor in this house and settle into it, which I already knew. She, like Mark, thinks I won’t be able to handle it physically. I wonder about that too, but I still want to give it a try, especially since I’m all about babies lately! Anyway, I still haven’t looked at temporary couches yet for the second floor option, but it’s still my intention to do so. And I definitely need to hurry up with the whole thing, especially considering the fact that the baby was born two days ago.

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