If you google “organic cat toys,” Purrfect Play is the first site to display in your search results. I met Pam, the owner of this company, a couple of months back when I attended the Philadelphia Cat Show. She opened my eyes to some things I’ve never heard of or thought about. Her green company uses only organic natural fibers to produce products that are crafted in her home-based workshop or in her local community members’ homes. By keeping her business small, she can better tailor her products to & understand what her customers want on a one-to-one basis. She is dedicated to producing the best toys possible for our pets while keeping us informed via her newsletters & blog about the role synthetics & chemicals play in undermining our pets’ health & the welfare of our planet.

Purrfect Play Product Review

Here’s a video where I take a look at the items we got:

Included in the package:

- 1 Combination Bag of Chase Toys (2 Wool Dust Bunnies, 2 Cotton Dust Bunnies, and 2 Wooly Ping Pongs)
- 1 Happy Carrot
- 1 Large White Mouse

Here is a description of their products from their website:

- Organic cat and dog toys
- Made in the USA
- Organic natural fibers: cotton, wool, hemp
- No synthetic or reprocessed plastics
- Fresh certified organic catnip
- Dye and toxin free
- Durable
- Sustainable and fair trade
- 5% of annual sales shared with rescues

FYI – The Happy Carrot is a 6 inch carrot that contains over 1/2 cup of fragrant organic catnip. It features thick brown colorgrown fleece, is lined with organic cotton canvas, and is crowned with fun hemp cord “leaves.” The Large White Mouse is a 5 1/2 inch mouse that features tough double layer construction, is filled with 1 1/8 ounces of catnip, and has a chunky dye free organic cotton tail.

Here are some cute photos of the toys in use:

Purrfect Play Product Review

Pacey checks out the new goods

Purrfect Play Product Review

Basia poses with the carrot

Purrfect Play Product Review

Here’s an action shot of Kip

Purrfect Play Product Review

And then he takes a break during the play

Purrfect Play Product Review

Pacey gives the carrot a solid sniff

Purrfect Play Product Review

Eva takes a break from the action

Purrfect Play Product Review

Pacey poses with a new ball

Purrfect Play Product Review

Lulu investigates the new mouse

Purrfect Play Product Review

Pacey plays with the carrot

Here’s a video of Basia checking out the carrot:

Kip plays with some of the new balls:

Eva bunny kicks the mouse:

Pacey licks & bites the carrot:

Lulu smacks the mouse around:

Eva plays with a ball at bedtime:

The verdict? Within minutes of opening these toys, they disappeared. While some of my furbabies preferred the larger items (carrot, mouse) & others preferred batting around the different balls, all six of them found something they liked to play with! These products may not be bright-colored like ones we’re used to, but that certainly didn’t stop the kitties from enjoying them to their fullest. These toys are really well-made, and I like that they aren’t harmful to my pets or the Earth. Purrfect Play also sells cat blankets, dog bedding, dog and cat collars & charms, leash pouches, hemp leashes, dog waste bags, and more! I want their Purrfect-Pouch & Chubby Organic Cotton Snake for my kitties; I am pretty sure they’d go crazy over them. If you purchase any of their products, please let me know what you think!

(Full disclosure – Purrfect Play provided these items to us free of charge in exchange for a product review. Thanks, guys!)

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  • Cheryl

    The toys are lovingly made and durable.

  • Agree.

  • julie

    these are so cute! i like that there are no dyes and that they are not made in china of mystery ingredients. i will have to check out their website tonight. with eight cats, i buy toys all the time.

  • They are cute & the catnip is strong!

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