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I don’t know why I’m trying to sleep right now. Gah. I showered because the new mobile vet is on her way over. Eva started showing signs of another urinary tract infection last night, so we obviously need her to be seen. Now I’m not able to drift off back to sleep while I’m waiting because the twitching is out of control. Then my cleaner texted me. Then the hot doctor’s secretary called to ask me how my injection went. The only reason I have my sound on is because the vet said she’d call when she was getting close. Sigh.

The other night I didn’t fall asleep at all. I was up until Mark went to work yesterday morning. The pain was just that irritating. And it’s been driving me batty ever since. I’m hoping for an improvement soon because tomorrow I’d like to get my toes done & go grocery shopping with Mark so I can pick out things to eat other than snack foods. I still need quick & simple things, but I don’t ever think of healthier options; I need to see them first. Right now, though, even the baking I had planned for tomorrow seems impossible.

The only highlight of my day so far is that the cleaner wants to start on the third floor. After she’s done up here, I can turn on the sound machine & hopefully finally then catch up on some rest.

I heard back from those vet specialists, and they’re just focusing on the fact that there aren’t any reports of Atopica causing pneumonia, which wasn’t exactly what my email asked. I give up. I’m done. I know what happened to my dog, but I just can’t prove it.

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