our thanksgiving & black friday (so far)

November 26, 2010 | Comments Off

To be quite honest, I was pretty bummed out that we didn’t have a big ticket item that we wanted to go out and get today. We’ve only done that early shopping thing once a few years ago, but it was kinda fun. I thought about getting a new vacuum with those super pet hair attachments, but our cleaner hasn’t complained about our current one, so whatever. I’d like a dyson and a roomba – maybe when we get a one-story.

Then I got on this whole mixer kick. I am confident that I want to do lots of baking this year, but we only have a hand mixer with not much speed that makes it hard to use. I saw KitchenAids were on sale, and I thought I’d pressure the Grim Cheaper for one of those. As it turns out, my dad has one from 1994 in his outdoor kitchen that he got off of a baker when he retired. My (strong) dad was having difficulty getting the bowl snapped into place and locking the attachments in, and that concerned me. He was going to give it to me until he said it’d prolly be hard on my back. Then my mom chimed in that she sees the food network chefs struggling with theirs and said something about me needing a bowl that rotates at the bottom and how KitchenAids don’t. She has a KitchenAid hand mixer with crazy speed and force, and that’s all she uses. My dad brought his ka hand mixer in from outside and said I could have it, but that one barely turned – and they looked to be the same model. So I’m confused and irritated that I’m going to have to go to a store and plug three million of these in to find the right one. I wanted to order something off the Internet and be done with it.

Last night I found – again – my website in my mom’s history which means she’s still visiting. Hi, Mom! Check out my amazon wishlist for Christmas gifts, ok? Focus on the DevaCurl products please! Santa Mark doesn’t seem to have much interest with the items on it, unfortunately. I found a Deva Salon in NYC, and they specialize in cutting curly hair. Since I’m all about embracing my curls these days, if we ever go to NYC to look at their Xmas displays and so on, I want to get my hair done there.

I was having a couple decent pain days until last night. I guess the drive and all the sitting at the table caught up to me because I’m dying. I had to lay on my mom’s couch and I barely was able to get up. Right now I’m still dying, and Mark wants to do the bulk of decorating today. What? He’s starting to haul out all the stuff, and I hope I can help more soon. I’m just currently having a majorly tough time.

The rest of Thanksgiving was fine, I guess. My brother asked us to stop by to take two videos, one of another banjo he’s selling and one of his chicken coop. We used to live there and while it wasn’t a palace, it was still livable. He’s a hillbilly and lives like one. I posted a photo of the outside of his house yesterday, and that bathtub has been in his yard for years. My parents would never have let me live like that on their rental property, not that I would have. They gave us a hard time when we got Spenser! He’s torn up all the flooring, taken the faces off the cabinets, blocked off the front two rooms, has a recliner in the kitchen, doesn’t have a couch, and has boarded up his kitchen window – to name a few things. It’s so dark in there. I don’t get it. If that lifestyle makes him happy, then so be it. I just am always surprised at how uninhabitable it seems to me each time I go there. We are very, very different people.

The first video was fine, and then we went outside to tape the baby chickens. That’s his new thing – he wants to raise them to sell at auction. No comment. Well, he had his boots on (he normally goes out there barefoot), and he stepped on a little chick. It started screaming and I couldn’t believe it. It obviously wasn’t going to make it. I shut off the video and demanded to be let out right then. I sat in the car and waited for Mark to come out. I feel bad that I reacted so terribly, but it was so awful. I know we should have reshot the video or whatever, but I just couldn’t get past what I had just seen. I know it was an accident, but it didn’t make it any less sad.

Then we went to see my mom and dad. My cousin and uncle joined us for Thanksgiving too. My mom got upset that I was going to take a photo of the plastic tablecloth and paper plates, so I didn’t. She always thinks I want to make fun of her, but actually this wasn’t one of those times. I was surprised we weren’t using real plates this year, but it’s less stuff to have to clean and put away, so who cares if it isn’t fine china? I was bummed out that my mom’s stuffing sucked so much because that’s my favorite part. Actually, my brother’s stuffing is my favorite, but he hasn’t made it in years.

In other news, I loved all the turkeys roaming their property as they usually do – but, like, hello, isn’t today when you should be hiding? ;)

And my cousin and I told my mom about how a family friend who was also invited over had propositioned us to go skinny dipping with him when we were very little girls. Before we explained what happened, we simply referred to him as a perv, which my mom dismissed and said he’s like that with everyone. It was a very awkward moment to say the least. She says she didn’t know he had done that, but my brother knew, so I guess I had told him years later. The family friend dude is just a creepy bastard, so I’m glad he didn’t show up.

Mark’s finally trying to install Windows 7 over Vista because I threw my biggest fit about his shitty/slow/crashing pc the other day. I hope this resolves these issues, but he’s running into some problems. I can only sit at his pc for small stretches of time, and I’d like for the damned thing to work when I try to use it. I hope it’s all okay by Monday because I decided that’s when I’m ordering for the furbabies. I didn’t take into account shipping discounts and deals that are this weekend thru Monday (a major duh moment), so I’m glad I waited.

Ugh. I’m tired and hurting, but I better go see what kind of progress he’s making. I’m not sure why decorating can’t be Saturday and Sunday if we just take shopping out of Saturday’s equation, but whatever.

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