May 8, 2019 | Comments Off

I wasn’t going to post here anymore. In fact, I tore it all down for a few days. It just started seeming like a chore. But I know eventually I’ll be back as I have a lot to write about, including what a shit person my longterm vet turned out to be.

I found this quote yesterday that sums up what I’ll be writing about, “Her defiant obstinate attitude when she was told by his client was garbage behavior. She knew better and should have apologized and things would have straightened themselves out. But instead she played victim.”

And there’s a lot of other stuff, too. So stay tuned.

I first need to upload a bunch of pictures to Flickr (we had an early Easter for Lulu), update my pet list (it has meds, likes, dislikes, etc…) now that Lulu is in Furbaby Heaven, and finalize things with the person getting my pets if we die (it previously was Lisa, the vet). So yeah.

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