ticket woes & ticket hopes

March 26, 2019 | Comments Off

Mark has had so many issues with the machines in both of our local train stations. He gets parking tickets that aren’t his fault, and it infuriates him. The most recent one spit out an error with time and date when he tried to input the two dollars, so he took a picture. When he got to work, he called them and told them what happened. They said they’d send someone over so he wouldn’t be ticketed – yet there was a ticket on his car waiting for him when he got home. I think there were two other similar-ish incidents, but I just can’t recall the details. Ugh. As for Mark, he finally listened to me and is now okay with putting out some additional stuff for our deer visitors. We bought a salt lick and corn for them, and both orders should be here by tomorrow. Also, he just made fun of me (again!) for the baby voice I use when talking to them. Well, when he went out with me the other night, he waved at them and said, “Hiiii!” – in a goddamned baby voice! He said the insanity was contagious. Speaking of tickets, he better not forget to get us a lottery ticket this week. $750 million? I mean, could you even imagine? I’d help so many animals, pet and wild.

It annoys me so much that I’m going to bring it up again. Twenty billion times a day I want to delete Instagram. It’s too much with all the fake photos that use filters, the “perfect” makeup and clothes, the so-called influencers who stage every picture, and overuse of phrases, such as #blessed, my truth, and trigger. It was over twenty years ago when I got an email from someone who was stalked and told me I shouldn’t joke about stalking my ex. Fuck right off with that. And it’s only gotten worse now that everyone everywhere can spout opinions all over the internet. This world we live in now is straight bananas.

In other news, I am grateful that I’ve been – about 95% of the time – able to immediately get a hold of my vet when we’ve had an issue/urgent issue. It’s usually done over FB messenger. The other night Sam was sitting in the litter box. He would get in and out, and he would make some complaining noises, too. He did that another time recently, I think. Maybe that was Oliver. I can’t keep track. Anyway, I couldn’t tell what he was trying to do. And we all know if it’s a pee issue that it’s an emergency. He takes meds to eliminate crystals in his urine, so she didn’t think it was that; his urine was recently tested, and there weren’t any crystals at all then. I decided to treat it as a poo issue (temporarily?) and gave him the medicine she suggested. I shut him in with just me and Lulu and waited for him to do something. When I turned the lights out, he got into bed with me and didn’t attempt to potty until morning. Then, I heard him pee, and he hasn’t been sitting in the box anymore. I still haven’t actually seen him do anything else, but he’s acting just fine again. Whew. As for my vet, I’m sure she regrets giving me her personal cell phone number because I text that if I see she’s not been online for a chunk of time.

The bottom of my feet are starting to hurt again. That’s just fantastic. I see my new primary care doctor for the first time in a few weeks, and I hope I can last until then.

I’m in a secret/closed raccoon group on Facebook. There was one guy whose stories I lived for. He and his wife live with raccoons, like really live with them. They are all over the attic and basement and some choose to share the house with them and some want to remain wild (they have the ability to go in and out through a doggy door). They recently saved one that was stuck in a well and brought him home with them, and he ended up so spoiled! Seriously, I read and reread his stories and loved his pictures. He, of course, named his raccoons and sometimes would ask for name suggestions. Two of them now have names I chose, Oliver and Dierdra/Dee Dee. Well, he died two days ago from cancer, and I didn’t even know he was sick. He never mentioned it in any of his raccoon stories. He seemed to be so sweet and nice, and I’m more than a bit heartbroken over this. I had just messaged him to ask for more stories, and I thought I was awaiting a reply. I don’t know. I’ll probably end up leaving the group. He was the only reason I kept up with it.

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