the friendliest ghost

February 19, 2019 | Comments Off

Okay, so Casper/Sugar, if you’ve been following along, stops by every so often. I had a feeling I’d see him today, and I did! See how much he loves me?

Okay, love may be a bit much, but he sure was happy to see me. He wanted to come in again, but I didn’t think that would be a good idea. I’m not going to do that anymore unless all of mine are squared away. So I gave him some kibble and watched his route home. Yes, I know he has a home because we used our microchip scanner, found one, followed some steps, and called his owner.

Also, he prefers that I call him Casper as opposed to his given name of Sugar. I can tell by the way he moves his ears and responds in general. So here at our house he is Casper. That’s what he ran to when I opened the door in the above video and called for him. And awhile ago when he was out back, I lost sight of him and went to find him. I called for Sugar – and nothing. I called for Casper, and he came storming out of the new (under construction) neighbor’s yard. As he was walking back with me to the carport, I tried explaining that we just don’t know if these people are going to be animal friendly or not and that I didn’t want him to get used to going over there now too. Man, he sassed me the whole time, but I haven’t seen him venture in that direction since.

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