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February 7, 2019 | Comments Off

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. It’s nice to not be weighed down by appointment after appointment and worry for Mark or the babies. Now I’m just worrying about all the outside animals. The deer family has stopped coming, so I hope they’re okay. I haven’t seen the twin raccoons on the back security camera in four nights, and I hope they’re okay too. Sugar/Casper hasn’t been by in days either. It was about 11:30pm the last time I saw him on one of the security cameras, and this simultaneously worried and annoyed me. I thought his owner said he was let in at night, so I really hope he was able to go inside after swinging by here so late. The other day, Nabi, the neighbor kitty, basically hurled herself against the sunroom’s wall of windows after she saw Oliver and Sam; Ollie walked right up to the glass, and she flipped her shit! As for my babies, Sam was wearing the Assisi Loop twice a day, and I decided to see if he could use it simply once a day (some use it 4x and some 1x, depending on issue). I thought I saw a difference in him (not jumping as much) and decided to move it back up to twice a day. Mark tried dismissing me right away by saying he didn’t see any changes, but I pointed out what he was doing and he apologized. Progress! Lulu is doing okay, but I think she could be eating more. She did great (translation = basically licked her plates clean) right after she got on the new medications, but now she’s leaving a chunk of food behind. All her other behaviors (playing, chatting, running around the house) are still great, but I’m totally keeping an eye on this food thing for sure. Oliver’s test results came back, and they were the exact same as last time. The specialist said his high lymphocyte count could be an oddity or it could eventually be progressive and turn into lymphoma, but there’s nothing to treat until then. My vet put some calls in to a few holistic doctors to see if they know of issues like this. The specialist said to me that he should be retested once a year, but my vet said she told her that he should be retested every three months. That’s a $600 test, so I need to nail that definitively down for sure. I mean, come on. And Mark has been very stressed lately. He’s just doing too much work stuff and says that he’s not doing any additional projects past April 1, just in time for him to start umpiring once again. Ha. He never stops. I think we’re getting along better, so that’s good. I do have a complaint, though. Whenever we watch tv together, he never fast forwards when the commercials start. Why do I always have to remind him? It makes me both borderline angry and frustrated. Sigh. And I have a complaint about myself as well! I’ve mentioned that I painted the master bedroom a shade of purple to match the purple in a boho multi-stripe comforter I got. The comforter needed washed, and the colors faded. I bought another one and washed it with all the color safe shit I could find. It faded. Since then, I have proceeded to buy purple comforter after comforter (cold months) and blanket after blanket (warm months). Looking for a match, I have held up countless photos to my walls. I did have one that was a pretty perfect match, but my cleaner ruined it; sadly, this blanket is now out of stock. So last week I bought a Soft Plush Sherpa Comforter Set because it looked like it was the same exact shade. Was it? Uh, no. Plus it’s already snagged like crazy from cat claws. Fantastic.

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