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I have a serious case of pms, and it’s running my life right now. My period is over a week late, and I’m in such a foul mood. Each month my mood improves right as I get it, so I am hoping it shows up soon. So my crankiness is part of the reason I haven’t felt like writing. That and the fact that I am both overwhelmed and underwhelmed by the internet. I’ve thought about deleting all my social media profiles and throwing in the towel. Now that social media is what it is, it’s ridiculous. I can’t stand going to instagram with everyone’s fake model poses, uses of filters, “picture perfect” photos, and sponsored posts. And now every single idiot can comment and think that their opinions actually mean something to someone else. There was a comment thread I read the other day about an mtv teen mom not wanting to vaccinate her kids. Someone posted several times about the horrible things that can be found in vaccines, like human fetal cells. In fact, she cut and pasted what are in a few of them. She put a circle around “fetal bovine serum,” pointed to it, and said there are the human fetal cells. And a wonderful hero replied, “bovine means cow, you idiot.” So yeah.

Mark’s cancer is gone! He had surgery the first week of December. The hardest part of this whole thing was waiting for the results of what they removed. It was a chromophobe carcinoma, and they got all of it. He needs rechecked in a year, and it really should be a non-issue, thankfully! The uncertainty of the whole ordeal was insane, and it’s fantastic to finally have it all be over with. I wasn’t happy with Mark’s nurse(s) during this hospital stay, basically for the same reason I didn’t like them when he had back surgery. I found that, at both times, they didn’t move very quickly or have follow-thru. With his back surgery, he was very nauseated. We were expecting nausea meds from the pharmacy, but nothing was happening. I had to go out there to prompt them to give the pharmacy another call. This time, something happened to one of his eyes during surgery. It was red, itchy, and burning (iirc), and he couldn’t blink or close his eyes without discomfort. He told his nurse before I got there, but all she did was just put a wet paper towel on his eye. I suggested she call a doctor to come look at this eye – which eveeeeeeeeeeentually happened. Also, she moved slow as molasses when she was hooking up his pain meds, which she only gave him after I asked why he wasn’t on any. I mean, it was noted in his chart that he was to have them! Anyway, his mom stayed with us for a few days to help us out. Mark actually enjoys his parents, and the two of them were constantly chatting away like old friends. At some point during his pre-surgical or surgical testing, it was discovered that he now has Centrilobular Emphysema. He emailed his pulmonary doctor, but he isn’t very concerned; he thinks Mark was just one of those born with some junk (bullae) in his lungs. I, of course, want him to get a new doctor/second opinion, but he doesn’t want to. He’s over doctor appointments in general. I don’t blame him in the least because it’s been basically nonstop appointments for either him or the babies these past few months. I’m hoping, though, he will change his mind in time.

Hmmm. Let’s see. What else? Mark is very upset that our co-op closed down, with less than a week’s notice. The train into the city lets off basically right next door to it, and he would pick up this or that on his way home from work. It was cute. What a bummer. He’s also still doing some freelance work in addition to his full-time job. I took this photo when he was on a conference call:

Mark on a conference call

What cracks me up is how when he’s in his office doing stuff that he’s still absorbing some of what is happening throughout the house. I know this because I’ll sing to our kitties their various songs, and, when he eventually comes out of the office, he will start humming or singing what I had been earlier.

Oh! So we are renting out our last house, and the tenant gave us some news on our old neighbors. Turns out that the people who live there have some rather disgusting hobbies. A swat team paid them a visit and arrested at least one person there for child porn. They left notices on doors afterwards that contained a number to call if any neighbors had any questions or concerns. I’m assuming the same people still live there because she said their garage door is always up, and it was the same way when we were there. Gee, I’m glad we never made friends with them. Just another perk to being antisocial.

At this house, the construction on that new house is still going strong – fifteen months strong. I don’t know if it’s ever even going to end. Things went quiet for about three weeks, the longest stretch of silence since it all began, when the jackhammering started back up. As you can see below, a trench was put in. It went from the front of the house across the street from us to the new house that’s directly behind us. And the trench digging went on forever. I warily wonder what is next.

next door house construction - 15 months and still going strong, photo 1
next door house construction - 15 months and still going strong, photo 2

And to add to the crazy wildlife that we see around here, we saw a possum on our security camera the other evening. I wish we’d see rabbits too, but I guess that’s not in the cards. Then again, this was the first possum sighting in two years, so maybe it’ll happen.

I got my eyebrows microbladed again when we went back to New Jersey for some things (get blood drawn, see pain doctor, go to pharmacy, go to Entenmann’s outlet for cheap raccoon food). I wanted my new local hair salon to do them, but they wouldn’t schedule a consult and the procedure on the same day. I was requesting that due to my chronic pain (I’d rather not have to leave the house twice), and then they said they don’t microblade chronic pain patients anyway. WTF. Anyway, my regular person made them thicker without asking me if I wanted them to be that way, and that threw me off a bit. I mean, I wanted them thicker anyway, but I would have liked to at least been asked about it, you know? Anyway, all is well, and I love them. They hurt like a mother fucker for two days, but it’s worth it.

So due to Oliver’s increased lymphocytes, both his vet and specialist wanted to repeat the flow cytometry test. His blood gets sent out west for exam, and the results should hopefully be back in a few more days. For Oliver’s test, I knew I needed to find out if he could eat or drink prior to the appointment. I called and was told that he couldn’t eat any food after midnight – for a 5:00pm appointment. That just didn’t sound right at all. I planned on calling back the next day to see if I would get a different answer, and I also tried emailing the specialist. Turns out, he emailed me back and said that Ollie was allowed to eat as normal. Talk about misinformation! Goddamn.

Mark and I have made a New Year’s resolution to speak more kindly to each other. It’s going decently well. He still dismisses me here and there, but I like to think he’s working on it. For instance, he argued with me when I noticed an error in the milligrams for the cats’ blood pressure pills; he said it was right when it wasn’t and eventually apologized later on. Another example was when our outside lights didn’t automatically turn off. I asked him why they were still on, insinuating that something probably needed fixed. He tried saying it was still sort of dark out. It wasn’t. Like not at all. Uhhh? Turns out the sensor needed replaced. He’s also recently said some of his favorite things – that I don’t try and that I make excuses – and that’s always fun. Hmmm. I don’t think he questions my anxiety all that much. When he would scream at me, I would attack my fingers; that’s pretty easy to verify. And when I have a lot to do or have to leave the house, I feel awful inside. The medical marijuana calms me down and helps me out. I know that his speaking to me differently is helping me in various ways, and I hope things stay better. I think now that he’s cancer-free and the issues with the pets are slowing down (*knocks on wood*) that we will both feel less and less stress as time goes by – and then hopefully it’ll just get easier to keep making the good choice of actually being kinder to one another.

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