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Let’s discuss all the adorable stuff that’s been going on outside!

Well, I don’t like foxes very much, but I still thought something interesting happened with them. Last week, we had two in our yard at the same time (for the first time ever, iirc), and one hid from the other. I’m glad because then there wasn’t another brawl that we would have to listen to. Their shrieking and yelling can sound really creepy.

Our sweet raccoons have changed their schedules up once again as they are in torpor mode. They show up here and there. Sometimes their first visit can be at 6:30pm or it can be at 2:30am, and sometimes they don’t even come for three days in a row.

One early evening I saw a mommy deer groom both of her babies while all three were just outside my bedroom window. It was amazing. We seem to have some regular visitors in that department too. We have a mama with her two babies and then there’s a buck that is around not long after they are. The other day he was chasing them back and forth across the street. I yelled out that she wasn’t interested in him, but he just wasn’t taking the hint. Here are some photos of our visitors, with the last one being my favorite. That baby was so comfortable in our yard that he laid down while munching! Also, see the hood thingie on the bird feeder (second picture)? We got it to keep the little birdies dry.

deer visitor, photo 1
deer visitor, photo 2
deer visitor, photo 3
deer visitors - love the one sitting down and chewing!

Also, Mark was pulling into the driveway not too long ago when he called me to tell me that he needed my help and that I had to come outside. One baby deer was standing in front of Mark’s car and wouldn’t move. Mark was convinced it wanted to charge him. Haha. The mom and sibling were a few feet away in the grass. I tried to shoo them away, but they are so used to us that my presence didn’t really affect them very much. Thank goodness that Nabi, our tough as nails neighbor kitty, came onto the scene. As soon as they saw that little bowling ball with short legs, they trotted off. That bitch gets shit done. More on her in a bit.

Sam’s Twin has started hanging out in our yard a lot more than usual. He’s not friendly in the least. One time he accidentally walked like 30 feet in front of me. When he realized I was there, he ignored me and pretended that he didn’t even see me. So yeah. I don’t mind having him around, except for the fact that he pees on the cat toys I put out on the carport for all of the visiting kitties that stop by. He recently has started eating the kibble we put out, so I’m wondering what happened to his food source. Well, he has food, water, and an outdoor shelter here any time he needs it. Anyway, here are two cute videos involving him.

In this one, Sam sees his doppelgänger:

And in this video, Sam’s Twin jumps up on Mark’s car to chase some birds:

As for Nabi, she lost her collar again, and we replaced it again. Mark actually got a chance to talk to her parents when they came by with a giant crate of oranges (their yearly holiday gift), and they started talking about her. Apparently she showed up four years ago and adopted them. They thanked us for looking out for her. Mark forgot to mention that we’ve been replacing her collars which sucks because I want to know what they think of that. Here’s an adorable video of her running towards Mark and jumping over a pile of leaves:

And now there’s a new kitty that has started stopping by. He’s all white, pretty stocky, and has the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen! He hangs around anywhere from fifteen minutes to three hours. I first posted in some missing cat forums online, and someone thought it might be her cat that ran off four years ago. I sent her videos of him, and her children were pretty sure it wasn’t theirs. Their cat was a small girl. I didn’t know the sex of this cat at this time. So he eats our food, and he is super friendly and chatty. There’s something wrong with one of his ears, and it bothers him when it’s touched. I named him Casper to keep in line with all the other original nicknames I’ve given animals over the years. He’s briefly been in our house twice and has even done a lap around the kitchen island. My cats saw him and weren’t thrilled, of course. Casper wasn’t thrilled either and screeched the whole time I picked him up to put him back outside. So he was coming so often that Mark was worried I was going to bring him inside for good. Casper’s friendliness led me to think he was dumped. Mark ordered me a microchip scanner so we could see if he had a known home. The cheapo scanner worked, so I used the chip number to get the contact info for him. The first number didn’t work, but their secondary number did. The dude who answered the phone seemed put off by my call. Sorry for bothering you dude, but I wanted to tell you about your cat. Sheesh. Anyway, I found out he was a he, he’s seven years-old, and his name is Sugar. He lets him inside every evening, and he just put him out a little bit ago. I laughed and said he was just here! Sugar comes from a decent distance away (1/4 mile) and crosses a pretty busy road. I was trying to tell him that we put food out and how nice his cat was, but he couldn’t get off the phone fast enough.

In this video, Mark attempts to broker peace between Nabi and Casper, but Nabi leaves in a snit:

Okay. And here’s a final story about Sugar. So our fireplace isn’t working reliably, and I had been trying to contact the company that installed it. I left a voicemail and sent an email on a Friday, and I left another voicemail the following Wednesday. When it was Friday again, I finally got someone on the phone when I called once more. So we were discussing the issues the fireplace has when I see Casper sitting on one of the front porch’s windowsills and looking inside at me. This was the first time he’s ever done that, and I thought it was the sweetest thing – so I told them that I’d have to call them back. Haha. Even after all that time it took me to get in touch with them in the first place, I just wanted to say hello to the little guy more. I suppose my priority should have been to make sure our fireplace didn’t explode, but I really wanted to make sure he was okay and that there was food outside for him more.

So while things were hectic with Mark and the babies (posts forthcoming), our outdoor critters kept us on our toes. Of course I get too attached to them all. If I don’t see the twin raccoons, I worry. If the deer don’t show up for a couple of days, I worry. And don’t get me started on these outdoor cats that do their own thing at their own time too, especially that Sugar who crosses a busy road. OMG and then there are various random cats who have stopped showing up entirely, and that totally tears me apart. We almost didn’t go on our anniversary trip (one of the reasons) because we hadn’t seen Nabi in three days. Mark even went driving around to see if he could find her. I knocked on their door, but nobody answered. The morning of the trip, Mark went next door when he saw someone outside, and Nabi was right out there with our neighbor (well, off to the side, but outside all the same). The relief we felt was incredible. So yeah.

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