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I had a couple of panic attacks before and during our trip to Vermont (more on that in the post about the trip itself), and I got even more panicked and really worried when we didn’t see Nabi, the neighbor kitty, for two full days before we left. On the morning we were set to leave, Mark went next door to see if he could get any intel on her whereabouts and to make sure she was okay. I had knocked on their door the day before, but nobody answered. He went over to ask about her after he saw someone in the yard. Of course, he blamed me and me alone for the reason he went over there: “My wife is worried about your cat.” He was just as freaked out and worried about her as I was, but he wasn’t about to admit that to them. Haha. Anyway, they were discussing her, and she lifted her head up when they were talking about her. And after our neighbor left for work a few minutes later, she trotted right up our driveway like she hadn’t just been missing for two days. So, yeah, that was one thing off my mind at least. The neighbor also said she goes to their other neighbor’s house a lot and she “double dips” when she does that. So I guess she triple dips with us? Haha. While we were away, we asked our friend/cleaner/pet sitter to feed her too. We watched our security cameras for the first time they came in contact with each other. Nabi scurried a few steps away at the unfamiliar person, but she didn’t go far and kept her tail straight up once she saw the plate of food. Haha. As for us, she now recognizes Mark’s car and starts running for our driveway as soon as she sees it pull onto the street.

Anyway, here are some photos that she took while she was watching my babies. The first one shows Oliver cutely watching tv from his pet bed, and this isn’t something he’s ever done with us; he is in that bed all the time, but he always faces the other way. In the second, Sam cuddles with her right by her face, and this isn’t something he’s ever done with us; he usually cuddles on our stomachs. The third photo is of Lulu hanging out on top of her while they watch tv together. Though she does that with us, namely with me, I was a little annoyed that she was so free with her affection. Sure, sleep next to her or whatever, but right on her? All my cats are traitors! The last photo is of Oliver, and it shows his love for my unpacked clothes.

Oliver watches tv when Eve pet sits him
Sam snuggling with Eve
Lulu watches tv while laying on Eve
Oliver likes my unpacked clothes

That being said, they aren’t an easy crew to manage. They all have medicine or stuff to take, Lulu gets two extra meals a day, and so on. I was so sad the whole time I was gone because I really just wanted to be with them. I wanted to be the one taking care of them. I knew they were in good hands, but, as a mama, I still worried. So yeah. And I cried happy tears when we got back from our trip because my babies were so well taken care of! That meant everything to me.

Before we left, we had a vet visit scheduled. Lulu and Sam needed their blood pressure checked. Mark held her at first when they did it, and it was high. They were talking about seeing what her blood and urine showed first before maybe needing to adjust her dosage. I suggested that I hold her and pet her while they checked it again. Well, her blood pressure came down to the range it was supposed to be in! Haha! She loves her mama best! But when her other results came back, it showed that her kidney values got a bit worse. She’s being retested in a couple of weeks to see what the numbers are and to then figure out how to proceed. Sigh. Sam’s results came back fine, so that was good news. But he still had inflammation in his back, and one of his back legs was tight. I’m guessing the pet chiropractor we saw in the next town over must suck. We’ve used two others in the past, both by our old house. One came to our house, and we saw him a lot (like every two weeks or so) because Pacey kept having issues. He won’t travel to our new house, and I even offered to double his rate. Ugh. The other chiropractor is our vet’s husband, and that’s who we took Sam and Lulu to this past week. We took her too just to make sure she was okay because her last two sessions were with that guy in the next town here. She’s always getting tackled by her brothers, so a fresh visit wasn’t going to hurt her either, right? Also, Sam has been very itchy, to the point where he is chewing and making slurping noises on himself. Last year at this exact time of year, we had an allergy test done after he was doing the same stuff as he is now. It showed he was only allergic to fleas, but we never saw any on him. I put him on advantage, though, and the issue did seem to resolve itself. This year the vet suggested we try Zyrtec, so he got his first dose of that today. I hate that he’s so uncomfortable like this, but I know we will get him feeling better soon. And Oliver, thankfully, seems to be doing just fine! He’s taking dasaquin now because a recent X-ray showed that he has early signs of hip dysplasia. We want to stay on top of that and do everything we can to help him with that as he ages, of course. So the next vet visit will be where they get more blood and urine from Lulu to check those pesky kidneys and where they examine Sam for mobility improvements, hopefully.

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