early days of the internet

October 1, 2018 | Comments Off

So Mark and I started talking about the early days of the internet on our drive back from Vermont. We were entering Pennsylvania, and I got to thinking about how it’s called the keystone state. This reminded me of one of the guys I was first talking to online as his nickname on irc was keystone. I was going to visit him when the picture I sent him finally arrived – via the mailman! I didn’t have a recent photo or a scanner, so I couldn’t send a file. Anyway, he told me not to come after he saw what I looked like. He got it the day I was packing to leave. Wow. I was so heartbroken and hurt because he was basically saying I was ugly. I’m not sure I ever wrote about that before, namely because it doesn’t make me feel so great about myself. So that original thought eventually led me to irc, and that was my first real exposure to other people online. That being said, I don’t ever recall meeting someone stupid or someone who couldn’t use proper grammar. For years I felt this way. It was like you had to have a certain degree of intelligence to get online back then, and it wasn’t as readily available everywhere as it is now. That, unfortunately, has led to how terrible I find the internet to be right now. I’ve mentioned this before, but I find it quite disheartening how easy it is for everyone to express their opinions. If you have any doubt about what I am saying, just read the comments section on most any Facebook post. It hurts my brain. I remember using pulsar.net as my first isp and getting a busy signal when I’d try to dial in. I was somewhat friendly with the owners, and they’d kick someone off for me so I could get online. Haha. Though I like the speed that we have these days, there’s something to be said for that simpler, slower, smarter, better time.

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