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Nabi, the neighbor kitty, prefers Mark. Little things were making that clear, but what happened last night sealed the deal. I saw her hanging out under Mark’s car. I got her a plate of wet food and took it out to her. I called her, talked sweetly to her, put her new plate next to the plate of kibble that was already out there, and she didn’t move. Mark came back from his bike ride just as I stepped inside, so I told him to go out there and see what happens. And he did. When he called her, she came right over, talked to him, and ate the wet food. He was even able to pet her while she ate; whenever I pet her while she’s eating, she stomps off in a snit. So, yeah, I see how I rate.

But, on the flip side, I have raccoons that like me more than they like Mark. Last night, for the second time in just this past week alone, I had four raccoons eating on the carport with me that ran off as soon as he came outside. So I guess there’s that.

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