rewatching Felicity

August 20, 2018 | Comments Off

So I just finished rewatching felicity. We started watching it again a few years ago but never got beyond four or five episodes of season one. Mark doesn’t know how to binge watch anything; he watches one episode a day whereas I do at least five. Anyway, 20 years ago I was Team Ben over Team Noel. Upon the rewatch, I am definitely Team Noel. Ben was such a wishy-washy jerk, and Noel was always there for her – no matter what happened. I used to think Ben was tortured and misunderstood and that Noel was boring. The thing is, after season one, there really wasn’t any competition between the two guys. Felicity was always all about Ben. It’s funny how I remember thinking Noel had a chance and that there was a true triangle, but there never really was any hope for Noel and Felicity to be together. Also interesting is that I remembered season one clearly, season two barely, and seasons three and four not at all. Time and perspective are funny things. #teamnoel

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