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I said on Twitter that my very first post when I got back to writing would be about how fucking awful is. I’m not even going to link to them. I may be a little late in getting around to it, but I still feel the same way: you need to boycott these assholes.

I actually liked them at first because I searched high and low until I found the cutest memory boxes for my babies on their site. I wanted a place to put their stuff (ashes, favorite toys, snippets of bedding they loved, and so on), and the box I found was just perfect! I had gotten a total of five others engraved over the years without incident. When I needed one to order for Pacey, I decided to get three more – for Lulu, Samuel, and Oliver – to have just in case. Minus the maybe-jinxing-myself factor, I liked them so much that I was afraid they’d be discontinued and I’d have to find another one.

But there were issues with all four of these that I got from them. They had scratches and paint on them, and I was so disappointed. I took pictures and emailed them to my contact. Initially, she was trying to blame this on FedEx. She said that those marks were made after they shipped them to us. I replied that there was no way this could be true because they were packed so very tightly and there was just no possibility of movement whatsoever. Like none. Then she told me that production recreated the one issue with silver paint. In fact, my replacement boxes had to stop being made until the engraving project with the silver paint was completed first. It was frustrating because I just wanted to put Pacey’s belongings in his box!

I asked her to please inspect these new boxes closely because I am a perfectionist. She said they wanted the original boxes back to investigate how the damage occurred. After they recreated the damage, I never heard anything else about the need to send them back. Besides, when companies want something back, they typically send paperwork and arrange a pick-up date. That never happened. I also wrote in an email, “I am expecting that I won’t need to send my boxes back in anymore since production recreated the issues themselves” to which I never ever heard anything back. And when these four replacements arrived, they were far from perfect too. When I got them, I emailed that Oliver and Lulu’s boxes had minor scratches on them. That’s when I recieved a call tag as an official request to send those two boxes back. I said I wasn’t going to do that because I wanted to try to fix them with wood markers (which worked!). And that was that. Or so I thought.

Then out of the blue, like a month and a half or so after, I got a phone call from the company president, Raffi Dermenjian. I know everyone throws the “bully” word around a lot these days, but that’s exactly what he was. He kept cutting me off, kept raising his voice, and kept accusing me of lying. He wanted the first four boxes back, and we had almost thrown them out! He said he was going to charge us for the damaged products if we didn’t have them. He also said I never sent pictures of the first four boxes that had paint and scratches on them, but I did. He was basically insinuating that I was making the damage up. I mentioned the issue with the silver paint being recreated and my boxes not being redone until the silver paint job was over, and he said I was never told that. I guess I just pulled that out of my ass. He then said my contact was trying to reach me via phone and emails for days about sending the first four boxes back, but that wasn’t true. My phone never ever rang from their offices until he called me. I tried to say that I don’t think she emailed me either because all of her emails came thru to my inbox just fine (I guess there’s a slim chance they could have gone to my junk folder, but that never happened with them before). He didn’t believe me about any of that either. In fact, he didn’t even believe I was a previous customer! I couldn’t even say more than a few words at a time before he’d cut me off with yelling and accusations that I was lying. He also minimized my chronic pain when I said I was unable, at that exact moment we were on the phone, to go out to the garage to see if we still had the first four. This guy was a giant, rude asshole. I honestly couldn’t believe the conversation. I hung up on him because why not? He wasn’t letting me speak and just repeatedly said I was lying about the things I could squeak out. He called right back, but I didn’t pick up. I sent a not-so-pleasant email after Mark said we still had the boxes. They then sent over the paperwork and arranged pick-up, which was fine. But I’ll never forget the way I was spoken to or the way I was treated. It was ridiculous. My contact must have lied to him over and over. I’m not sure why he didn’t check her emails too before calling me. What happened to “the customer is always right?” What would I want with a bunch of damaged memory boxes anyway? Would I sell them on eBay to people who also had pets named Lulu and Oliver or something? All I wanted were ones that looked just as nice as the other five I already had. They are, after all, for my babies. FYI, between the scratches being made to look better (like perfect) with marker and the silver paint rubbing off on some of the others, I did end up with four boxes that fit my needs. Things just didn’t need to go down like this.

updated to add: upon doing a quick search on the company, I came across this review of memorable gifts from an ex-employee:

Advice to Management
It seems like whenever there are mistakes, you approach the person who made the mistake very aggressively, and speak in a very condescending tone. After a year, it got to be too much.

That was from 2013, I believe. Gee, sound familiar?

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