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One of the first animals we noticed around our new house was a pretty tortoiseshell cat. According to our security cameras, she was in our yard a lot. Unfortunately, she’d run from us all the time, so it took awhile of being persistent and putting out kibble for her to come around to liking us. She’s usually here in the early mornings for some dry food that Mark puts out on his way to work, and she tends to return close to dinner time for some wet food. The previous owner said that she was sure she belonged to the family next door. The cat had a collar, so we hoped she belonged to someone. She also said her name is Nabi, which is butterfly in Korean. One day I briefly spoke to the woman next door, but there was a definite language barrier. I just tried to convey that we always see her, that she’s pretty, and that we feed her. She’s now pretty good at coming to our house if I yell, “Nabi! Pretty girl!” There’s a part of the fence that she can easily scoot under, so that’s how she gets between our two houses. She doesn’t like to be pet a lot, but she is very vocal. Also, she’s the bitch of the neighborhood; she’s bossy, sassy, and demanding. One time I saw a bigger black cat (the one we call Sam’s Twin) approach her, and it backed away from her. I just didn’t expect to see that! She may be a small package, but she is fierce! Nabi lost her first collar at some point; her owners replaced it, but it was like they didn’t smooth it out very well. That collar was gone after a couple of weeks, and we kept waiting for them to put on a new one. I told Mark we should get one for her, and he finally agreed with me like two weeks later. So we got another pink one – reflective, breakaway, and with a bell. We each separately couldn’t get it on her, but we amazingly were able to do it together (I joked that we should have an ambulance ready on standby). I hope the neighbors don’t think we overstepped. We have nicknamed her Mark’s girlfriend (“she’s the only girl nice to me!”), side piece, mistress, etc. Sometimes we even refer to her as our outside daughter. It will break our goddamned hearts if something ever happens to her. When I don’t see her during what should be one of her regularly scheduled visits, I get nervous until I finally do see her again. And whew! She has absolutely no interest in coming inside the house, and she hisses at my cats if she sees them. Hahah.

Here are some photos of her. The last two are so funny to us because she decided to jump up on the ledge outside our kitchen window to let us know she was all out of cat food!

She’s always moving around, so we can never get a decent picture of the neighbor kitty...
Mark adoring the neighbor’s cat
Nabi, the neighbor kitty, jumped up on the ledge outside our kitchen window to let us know she was all out of the cat food that we leave out for her!
Nabi, the neighbor kitty, jumped up on the ledge outside our kitchen window to let us know she was all out of the cat food that we leave out for her!

And here are a few videos:

We have had a bunch of other cats pass by too – and we try to have dry food out at all times for them. Some used to be regulars or semi-regulars, and it hurts my heart when I don’t see them anymore; I can only hope and wish that they’re all okay. There was a bigger grey cat with longer hair and a white mustache that I really miss seeing. Moo Kitty (has the markings of a cow, real original nickname) used to come every day, but now we only see her twice a month. We had these two young tuxies (Tuxie 1 and Tuxie 2) who would stop by, and they weren’t very skittish. They came at different times (never together) for a few weeks. One had a white front leg and one had a white back leg. I really hope they’re safe too. Sigh. Another regular is Sam’s Twin, and he isn’t very social. And then there’s this grey cat with a white chest, white leg, and white mustache who has been coming for about four-five weeks now. He always stops by between 9:50pm and 10:30pm, usually right at 10:20pm. He was eating right next to the raccoons (story coming), but I’ve started putting a dish of dry and wet food closer to the end of the carport so that he can eat in peace. He’s gotten a little less afraid of me, but I don’t know if it’ll ever get to the point where I could bring him inside (wait, what).

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