my #metoo story

July 28, 2018 | Comments Off

I wrote about this on my Facebook page last November, but I wanted to write about it here, too. So this is my #metoo story.

This happened in high school. I was at a friend’s house. She lived with her grandparents and invited a couple of us there one day. She had me, another girl, and a guy over. Anyway, somehow he and I ended up by ourselves in a room off of the kitchen. We were sort of friends, and I had always thought he was so incredibly funny. We were just talking about regular stuff when he suddenly swiped the entire length of my vagina, from back to front. I was in shock, embarrassed, and stunned. I don’t remember how I left the room, but I know that I told my friend what happened and asked her to tell him to leave – but she said she wasn’t going to do that; she always was a self-absorbed bitch. I will admit that it has affected me my whole life. Over the years, whenever a guy has tried to “go there” without me getting any advance notice first, I instinctively smack his hand away. It has definitely impacted me sexually. I’ve never forgotten this or how awful it made me feel and still makes me feel. Last year he tried to “friend” me on Facebook, but that is obviously never happening. I eventually did message him to remind him about what he did and to tell him about how it affected me. His reply? “Sorry to hear that but was not me Rosalie” – AS IF I DIDN‘T KNOW WHO DID something like that to me and when, right? An apology wouldn’t have really changed anything for me, but an outright denial is definitely infuriating. #metoo

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