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Now it’s time for an update on our Samuel!

Sam checks out the new cat grass!
Handsome Sam in the sunroom
Sam chirps at the squirrel he sees
Sam resting in his new living room chair for the first time!

Sam is now 11.5 years-old. After we moved here, we found some blood in his poo. Kip was 12 when we found some in his, and it ended up being cancer. So, obviously I was scared to death. The vet said it was colitis and would improve on its own, and it did. When we stopped seeing the blood, I thought I was going to lose my mind over the happiness I felt. In other news, he has high blood pressure like Lulu, and he’s on medication twice a day for that too. The biggest issue with him is the ongoing gingivitis (and such) with his teeth and gums. He’s had so many cleanings and a couple of extractions. In the spring, he had to have his gums cut back due to overgrowth. He had to have that done again about a month ago. The vet recommended doing cleanings every few months to get a better handle on the situation. I’ve been giving him duralactin and also using wipes and coconut oil. I hope it totally resolves soon. This time around his gums aren’t bleeding when I use the wipes, so I’m hopeful that progress has been made.

Sam used to be a terror 24/7. He was very, very vigilant about every single thing going on inside the house. Now he’s less vigilant in that regards, but he does get worked up (sniffing, snorting) when he sees any of our neighborhood’s cats out of the windows. He has gotten a touch crankier in his old age, though. We can simply just walk past him, and he will hiss at us. Overall, though, Sam has settled down and is calmer, sweeter, and cuddlier. He has inherited Pacey’s cuddling/spooning spots at nap time and bedtime. He even cuddles with Mark so much more now too! He loves the sunroom and the window bird feeders. He gets along nicely with his new brother. I prepped Sam for awhile before Oliver came home, and he did so well with it. He was patient with this new, tiny kitten, and now they are good brothers. He continues to chase Lulu, so she’s not that fond of him. He is still obsessed with playing with looney loops, so much so that seven of them can disappear over the course of a few days!

For more photos of my little man, click here!

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