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July 23, 2018 | Comments Off

I’ve decided to write a little bit about each pet to update what’s been going on with them during my hiatus. First up is Lulu, my tiny tortie!

Lulu sprouted one white eye whisker above her right eye two weeks ago - so adorbs!
We bought another window bird feeder and put this one outside the master bedroom. A squirrel decided to eat from it and wasn’t scared of Lulu!
Lulu was sleeping right next to her favorite ball!

As for her health, my little Lulu has high blood pressure, thyroid concerns, and early signs of kidney disease. Her latest blood test results showed that her thyroid is now borderline, so that’s decent, and they showed her kidney disease got a teeny bit better, though it’s still kidney disease, you know? At least it didn’t get worse! Towards the end of us living in New Jersey, Lulu started eating less and less. It didn’t get any better after we moved here; in fact, it got worse. She had a bunch of tests, and nobody could figure out the issue. Then one day we had a different vet (from the same practice) see her and suggest that it could be pancreatitis. Based on that diagnosis, I was told to force-feed her a set amount twice a day. Though it wasn’t immediate, she did get 100% better, thankfully! And right now I’m very happy with how her health is doing. On that note, Lulu just celebrated her Sweet 16!

She’s even more vocal than before – she’s louder, chattier, mouthier, and sassier! She gets right in my ear with this shrill meow, and it hurts like hell for half a second. She moves around this house more, so I’d say she prefers this one-story over our three-story. Her favorite place is still the master bedroom, just like it was in the last two houses. But what is absolutely adorable is that she has recently rediscovered her love for these rainbow-colored balls (she is pictured with one above), the same ones she played with as a kitten. Every single day she plays with them and announces to us when she is. I love, love, love how our cats make vocalizations when they have a favorite toy in their mouths. Sigh. Overall, Lulu is still a total mama’s girl. She spends a huge chunk of her day touching me in some capacity – sleeping on my legs, laying on my chest, licking my arm or cheek, etc. She is very, very sweet!

For more photos of my little lovebug, click here!

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