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July 3, 2018 | Comments Off

The other day I planned on taking a shower after I woke up from my afternoon nap. I knew Mark would take one before me after he came home from his baseball game, so I asked him the night before not to use my shower. Did he listen to me? Of course not. I heard him get in my bathroom, and I jumped out of bed to tell him to get the fuck out. Then, of course, I couldn’t go back to sleep. After I launched myself out of bed, my back pain got crazy intense and hasn’t gone away since. Yay me. But, anyway, he always chooses my bathroom over his. We designed one for each of us, but he loves my bench and sitting on it while the water falls over him. The point is that used shower water irks me. I don’t like to shower right after someone else does while their leftover water is on the floor, walls, and such. I think it’s gross.

Anyway, that same day I had on the sound machine that I always use when Mark is home to block out the noises he makes. It’s not always enough, so I’ve started to use my neck pillow to cover my ears as well. It’s so long that it covers my eyes too. The cats don’t like the neck pillow very much. This time Oliver (cautiously) and Lulu (not-so cautiously) ducked down to peer in at me. Once I opened my eyes and smiled, they were content once again. It was very cute. Speaking of cats and cuteness, there is nothing better than bedtime around here. I now have a king-sized bed, but all three cats cram onto the same half of the bed I’m using. It’s fantastic and makes me feel so loved!

So last year we got matching red pillows, lanterns, umbrella, and gazing ball for the outdoor furniture. The umbrella and lanterns have faded, so next year we will need to replace them. I’m over the color red because it’s too close to orange, and we have various shades of orange in the inside of our house. So, yeah, I am already obsessing over what color to do next. I want yellow, but matching the yellow of the lanterns to the rest of the stuff is proving impossible. Then I was thinking kiwi green might be fun, but I’m now thinking it might clash with nature’s greenery. I’d like to maybe do blue, but I can’t find blue lanterns. If I could remove the glass in the current ones I have, I could paint them myself, but the glass doesn’t come out. I’ve probably spent two hours so far looking this shit up and bookmarking possibilities that I won’t even need for almost a full year. Sigh.

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