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June 7, 2018 | Comments Off

I’m in the process of getting my medical marijuana card! A couple of years ago, my pain management doctor recommended me getting one back when I still lived in New Jersey. If I’m remembering right, there was like only one doctor and one dispensary, and they were both in the northern part of the state which would have been a pain in the ass to get to. Fast forward to this past February, the therapist I had been talking to for an issue (more on that later) said I should look into it for my anxiety. Here in Pennsylvania, doctors are just beginning to get certified to approve people, and more and more dispensaries are slowly opening. I filled out the online piece of the process, and yesterday I met with a doctor to see if he’d approve me or not. He’s also a pain management doctor, so I had to bring a bunch of information to the appointment (records, mri reports, list of medications, etc…) regarding my chronic pain. I also mentioned the anxiety, but mainly we talked about my various lower back issues. Either way, I want to try it for both problems, and he quickly approved me! I thought there’d be a hiccup because the nurse who came in before him said I needed to be a patient of his practice in order to get the card. In no way did I want to switch doctors, so I’m glad she was misinformed. But, yeah, I had a mini heart attack while waiting. Anyway, he said he had to fill out some paperwork and that he’d get back to me in two days or so. Then I’ll take whatever he gives me, go back to the site to complete whatever steps are left, and then wait for the card to come in the mail. I was hoping to try a pot cookie or lollipop, but edibles aren’t available in this state. I think there are pills, creams, lotion, tincture, and a couple of other options. The doctor also said that there’s potential for it not working at all or for even making the issues worse. Yikes. He also mentioned that the cymbalta I take is possibly cutting down the effectiveness of the other drugs I am on. I see my pain management doctor next week, so I’ll bring that up. The thing is that she doesn’t prescribe that to me for my depression but because the drug is supposed to block one of my pain receptors. I’m not sure there’s another antidepressant that does both. Again, yikes. Anyway, I guess I’ll ask her about that and hope for the best – and also hope to find this medical marijuana stuff to be more beneficial than not!

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