i can’t even, part 3478629

May 15, 2018 | Comments Off

Yesterday Mark took the day off to do a couple of things at our old house for the tenant. Why is it that everyone claims to have a small dog when the animal is closer in size to that of a horse? Whatever. He also picked up my prescription (praise Jesus) and went for a bike ride while back in New Jersey. I showered, did my hair, attempted to do my makeup (god, I suck at makeup), and dressed semi-nicely (my attire usually consists of nightgowns) so we could run a few errands together. I had purchased this cute jumpsuit a few weeks ago. I plan on it being my summer go-to piece. It’s lightweight with cropped legs, and I even got two pairs of espadrilles to go with it. Anyway, when Mark first saw it when I tried it on, he said it looked like pajamas which annoyed me. Yesterday when I had myself all put together, he asked why I was “all dressed up” which cracked me up. Which is it – too casual or cute causal? Either way, yesterday I had to order a spanx bodysuit in black to go with it because it has a scoop back and my cream spanx was partially visible, so ew. Anyway, we went to the nail salon, and it took forever. I got gel on my toes which I don’t normally get, but I had planned on doing more right away in my closed-toe shoes and didn’t want the polish to be ruined. That being said, I guess that took a little longer than otherwise, and the heat from the drying lamps made me sweat up a storm. In addition to my makeup melting, I had stiffened up to the point of no return. Speaking of makeup, my nail tech said that I look better with it on, and I know a backhanded compliment when I hear one. No, I mean, she was being pleasant in her own way, so whatever. But when we left there, I couldn’t even do one more thing. So no shopping. No dinner out. Nada. I got the gel for nothing. After I took my makeup off and got into a nightgown, I was hunched over and obviously looking very sexy. Yay chronic pain!

Mark got a letter in the mail yesterday that stated our insurance declined to pay for his hospital stay because it wasn’t “medically necessary.” OMG HAHA WHAT. He made a few phone calls today, and things are really still in review. Their initial response is a lot like Mark’s initial response to me whenever I ask about something – NO!

And my poor fluffy Oliver. He was supposed to get his stitches out today and not have to wear his cone anymore. I had been counting down the days with him. Even last night at bedtime, I told him in less than twelve hours it would all be over. Well, no. He had some obvious discharge on his fur this morning when the vet came. We check him out all the time and have never seen any discharge at all this whole time! They took out a few stitches but not all of them because he’s still inflamed a bit due to infection. They gave us a different antibiotic. He hasn’t been on one in like a week or so. They suggested that perhaps he wasn’t prescribed to be on his last one long enough or maybe he just needs a new one. So he gets rechecked next week when we have our big appointment (all pets being seen for various reasons), and there is a possibility he will need to have another little surgery to repair the issue if it doesn’t improve. I am so sad for him because there’s just no end in sight for the cone, especially if he needs any kind of repair. I feel awful for my little kitten. My mama guilt is strong, and my worry is all-consuming.

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