prostrate over his prostate

April 29, 2018 | Comments Off

Mark went to the doctor on Friday as I mentioned. He came home with migraine medication, and some note was made in his chart about respiratory issues which made zero sense. They did say they saw a microscopic amount of blood in his urine. Well, he started getting worse. He still had the migraines. His urine was very, very dark. He still had the chills and sweats. But now he didn’t want to eat. He couldn’t sleep well. He was nauseated. Then he started getting joint pain in his arms, hands, legs, and feet. His mother used to get migraines, so I called her this morning to see what she could tell me. It was not much. She does pronounce washcloths like warshcloths, though. I learned that when she was giving him advice – dark room, super cold washcloth on forehead. I wasn’t surprised. Anyway, he asked me to go with him today back to the doctor, so that was just great for my chronic pain. I drove, and he complained the entire time. I haven’t driven in fourteen months, and that time I only drove half a mile. I thought I did pretty well, but he said I was all over the place. We got there, didn’t we? After this visit, we both think the doctor he saw on Friday failed him. His results then showed that both blood and bacteria were in his urine, and today those numbers were even higher. This doctor said that all of his symptoms could be explained by a prostate infection. That’s a good thing because webmd symptom checker said it could be either chronic renal failure (what?!), migraines (thanks for that, captain obvious), or alcoholism (that’d be a neat trick). He was given some medication and should feel better in a few days. He goes back Wednesday to see if all those values have decreased, and he has to stay on this stuff for four full weeks. After that, we went to the dollar store to stock up on goodies for the raccoons (a bigger post on that later). I think Mark was annoyed that I went in with him because we ended up buying twice what he normally comes home with. Anyway, I can’t wait for him to start feeling better; he’s not the best patient. I mean, I get it. I get super nasty when my pain is super high as opposed to normal nasty which is just part of my charm these days. Yeah, I know I need to work on that.

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