Nurse Basia

November 26, 2014 | Comments Off

Nurse Basia takes care of a sick Mark by being in the same room as he is. The coughing drove her from the couch, though.

Not only is Mark’s back pain limiting what he can and cannot do, but he also has a cold on top of it all. Last Friday at his MRI, he needed their assistance to get off of the exam table after the scan was finished because he was hurting too much to do it himself. And then Saturday he couldn’t even finish the grocery shopping again. I’m forcing the issue this Friday and having him sit down with our cleaner about having her do the bulk of the shopping for us now. It’s ridiculous not to. And now with his cold, each time he coughs, it causes spasms. He’s in terrible shape, and I can’t do much to help either, though I am trying my best. This all leads to him being in an impressively even worse mood, so Basia is the only one who still enjoys being around him. But, as you can see, even the unrelenting coughing sometimes drives his furry nurse away from the couch where he’s stationed, though she remains in the same room so she can keep watch.

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