warm and toasty

November 23, 2014 | Comments Off

Pacey is warm and toasty!

You should just see my Pacey today! He is being super cute and adorable! He is a talker, and he is definitely showing off that trait today, for sure! Mark’s been sick on the couch, so I’ve come down to check on him a couple of times, and each time Pacey has come marching in there, chatting up a storm! Haha! Not only that, but he cuddled with me for both my morning and afternoon naps! I was shocked! My back pain is more than godawful today, so I definitely appreciated the fact that I fell asleep easily and that I had such a sweet companion both times! I mean, usually the others swap out and I am pretty lucky to always have a cute furry body curled up with me, but he wanted to monopolize the cuddling spot today! Anyway, doesn’t he look cute in his little snuggly robe? He has short fur, so I worry about him when it gets cold out, even though he burrows under blankets whenever he feels like it. It’s not like a real fear I have or anything, but I still feel like he needs to be extra warm sometimes. That’s probably why I heard Santa is stopping by with another self-heating pet bed at Christmas!

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