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November 19, 2014 | Comments Off

Basia gets her blood pressure checked

So we had the mobile vet stop by Monday after we got back from my doctor’s appointment. for the first time in I think forever, they were super early! We hadn’t even started rounding up the cats that were going to be seen, so when the doorbell rang fifteen minutes earlier than the actual appointment time, we were happy but screwed because the cats scattered. Basia was easy to get because she only ran into a cat bed while Sam and Lulu ran under the bed in the master bedroom, and that involved much harder work for us which obviously sucked due to our bad backs. So there Mark was laying on the floor pushing the cats out with my cane, and there I was grabbing them and carrying them down. Sigh! It was kinda funny when the vet tech first arrived because it wasn’t our usual one. Mark wasn’t prepared for it to be someone else, and he was worried whether she was going to be able to get Lulu’s blood easily or not since there’s been an issue before and the other vet tech has been superior at drawing it, and he also thought I’d be annoyed it wasn’t the other one. Mark’s sick, so he doesn’t sound very friendly, so I swooped in as soon as I could to make her feel more comfortable. Anyway, Basia got her blood pressure taken, as the photo shows. Honestly, it was the cutest thing ever to witness! It was recommended that our cats with kidney disease now get this done every few months, and hers checked out just fabulous! Pacey had his done not long ago, and his was fine too. Next time they will be on the same schedule. Then we had Sam’s anal glands checked since they’ve been an ongoing problem for him. This time there was hardly anything worth mentioning that came out, so I’m wondering if maybe this issue might be ending for him. It would be great all around if so! And then Lulu needed to get her T4 checked because of her whole hyperthyroidism thing – is she/isn’t she? Well, she got her blood drawn easily and like a champ, and we got the results back today. These results were also shared with the doctor who was going to give her the Radioiodine treatment. Between her and Lulu’s regular vet, they decided not to currently pursue that! Yay! To be extra safe, we are getting Lulu rechecked and having more bloodwork drawn in three months. Additionally, our regular vet suggested putting her on feline immune support and thyroid support (a reduced dose of canine) to see if we can try to keep her from turning thyroid since it seems “she is skating this disease.” So that is what we are going to do, and hopefully it will help! Fingers crossed!

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