pimp my ride

November 18, 2014 | Comments Off

pimp my ride, our new car

Yesterday Mark went out and got us a new car, a 2014 Ford Escape! After going to see my pain management doctor and then hauling out three cats for the vet tech to see (another upcoming post), I couldn’t even go back up the stairs to the bedroom for a period of time. Unfortunately there was just no way my back was going to let me sit in a dealership for a couple of hours. Though I didn’t go, he took all of my wants and needs into consideration by getting my preferred color and stuff like that. I mean, in general, he got the type of car I wanted this time. Last time when he bought one, he did his own thing because I was doing my own thing and still driving! Now that I never drive and don’t even have a car due to my back pain and am thus only a passenger, getting in and out easily is super important. I took a chance by not being there and sitting in these 2014 and 2015 versions, but I – thankfully – had no reason to worry! This morning when I got in it, it was still like stepping right into a cloud, and I didn’t have to bend, reach, stretch, or do anything else annoying. He was deciding between the two years, but the 2014 had the better deal and the most features. He needed to get a car yesterday. It really couldn’t wait another day, so we are lucky it worked out how it did. The only issue was he didn’t get as much money on his trade-in as he would have liked to because Carfax showed that his Xterra had been in an accident when it hadn’t been. He didn’t have the time to dispute it because it takes weeks and weeks. I guess next time now we know to check in advance ourselves so we have the time to resolve any unexpected issues before car shopping. And can you see in the photo how the one front tire needs air? I showed it to Mark who was typical Mark and dismissed me, saying it didn’t need any. Well, guess what. On his ride home from seeing his back doctor this afternoon, the light goes off that indicates that it indeed does need air. But what do I know, right?

And it’s a pretty car, but it will be sitting here for a huge chunk of time pretty soon. I was still hurting a ton today so I didn’t go with Mark to see his doctor like I planned to, but I sat in on their appointment via phone. He’s definitely going to be getting fusion surgery as things in his back have shifted in the past year which accounts for his increase in pain. I think this will happen in January, but I’m not quite sure. He will be in the hospital for two to three days. His mom will come out and help us for a little bit, but she already complained about her bad knees and our stairs when we asked her. I know our cleaner can help some and maybe a lot if the price is right. And I believe my insurance advocate mentioned that we were entitled to a nurse when I brought this up to her awhile ago. So we have a lot of things to get in order first. Also, before he left, I reminded him to ask for drugs as I’m the resident pill popper. It was a good thing too because he had completely forgotten to by the end of his appointment. My appointment yesterday was more of the same in that nothing changed. She gave me my Oxycodone and lowered my Topirimate because I believe it’s been making me really, really nauseated. I’m not sure why she didn’t just take me off of it completely and try something new. I asked and she just shook her head. I’m just happy I got the good stuff. Lastly, it was time for my yearly drug test, and I go back in January. I wish my situation were something the doctors could be as hopeful at fixing as they are with what Mark has. If everything goes well with him, fingers crossed, it’ll be like this whole episode never happened. And I’ll still be stuck struggling through my days. It’s not that I wish bad for him. It’s just that I wish better for myself too.

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