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November 17, 2014 | Comments Off

new front door

Here’s another thing we can cross off our list! We had someone come out and paint our new front door and sunroom! Now if I wanted to be my true self and stare and obsess, I’d probably have them come back and also paint our shutters because they are just a touch lighter than our door now, but it’s hardly noticeable. If we were staying here long term, I might make a fuss, but I think it’s a close enough match. All that needs done now is for me to update the pet alert sticker and for me to ask the cleaner to use the magic eraser to get the rest of that other sticker off. The main thing is that my brother went from being all about being our painter to being unresponsive. I think that if the door had been the right size the first time around during its first installation attempt that he would have done the painting without issue. This time, though, he just was such a jerk about things with me via text. If he didn’t want to do it, he could have just said no. But he actually said he wasn’t saying no. We had a time issue because of community rules, even though I don’t know specifically how long our front door could have gone without matching our shutters. He wasn’t too busy to text me things like my mom never wanted kids or my back pain was psychological and so on. Mark and I were getting frustrated when he wouldn’t give us a definitive time. When I tried pressing him more, he said I was acting like our mom. Umm. Between my chronic pain and Mark’s pain issues which have only gotten worse by the day (thank goodness he sees his doctor tomorrow), we needed him to come through or at least be forthright if there was no longer any interest. We’re physically hurting so bad and we just need some things to be clear and easy. I obviously don’t always have much luck with family, but sometimes I have with my brother. Ugh. I even sent him a text from Mark’s phone asking him about it, but he never even responded to him which was really odd and so rude. So we looked elsewhere and got the job done, and it feels good to have it checked off our lengthy to-do list. It just sucks that I couldn’t count on my own brother because he was like literally the last family member I thought I had in my corner.

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